Ridiculing Pakistan sponsored terrorism at UN

Tasleema Akhter, a Kashmir based Senior Socio Political activist of Human rights violations


In my speech at United Nations, as Social and Human Rights activist, I portrayed the clear picture of Pakistan backed terrorism in the valley of Kashmir. Inescapably, Pakistan has destroyed the blooming generations of Kashmir with the infusion of gun-culture, proxy separatists and hardcore terrorists. Terrorism has destroyed the Socio-economic ethos of Kashmir which was famous for tolerant and Sufi culture.

I have been working on the ground for nearly a decade now. I regularly come across various cases of victims in which terrorists bombarded their families and lone bread winners for the cause with dead end. The culture of terrorism has evoked support from mercenaries and with the flow of cash from across the border by Pakistan, it has taken its head out in Kashmir and destroyed our diversity and generations.

I have unearthed the various terrorist activities in my speech at UN where I made realize to the global community the damages caused by Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the Valley. The innocent victims who fall prey to the gun of Pakistan found narrow ground and graves in the Kashmir. The separatists which were working at the behest of Pakistan have made people think that those supported Indian cause in Kashmir dies impure while as those dying for Pakistan are true deaths. The narrative flew too high that it consumed lives of elders, youth and women in the valley for the cause devoid of future.

During my speech, I orate that unfortunately, since my childhood, I have witnessed violence and killings of innocent persons by Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Unbearable sufferings of women, children, old and young alike, at the hands of these terrorists have led me to work for the cause of seeking justice for the families of victims. I have come across fearful stories of acts of terror and massacres. Shockingly, most of these stories are unknown to the outside world.

The contemporary order of world does not paid heed to the sufferings of Kashmiris. The killings by Pakistan backed terrorism were ignored and went into thin air and these terrorists were given clean certificates for the crimes they commit in Kashmir valley.

Tasleema Akhter, at UNHRC

Towards the objective, I have met Kin of terror victims to know their travails with an aim to present such stories at an appropriate platform. The terror struck families have pathetic and very emotional tales to tell. Orphans, destitute, widows and infirm elderly people are there with no bread winners at home. The void left behind cannot be filed up for many generations to come. The world must know how the people of Kashmir have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of Pakistan sponsored terrorism under the garb of freedom fighters.

I appeal to the UN that your freedom fighter is my Killer. I work for the inclusive idea of India in Kashmir in which we believe in participatory democracy, elections, strengthening democracy and power in the hands of people. Terrorists would never like to see their garrison shackled after women like me has come on the ground to show them mirror. We work at the cost of our lives for the idea of great India.

I work to make the lives of Pakistan sponsored terrorist victims somehow better. I work for the better reservation of these women and victims in government jobs and institutions. These victims are foot soldiers who worked unrelenting to integrate Kashmir to the idea of greater India. The demeanour of these women is in high spirits and we need to tap them for their glorious future.

I appeal to UN Human Rights Council at the ramparts of the council to take an appropriate action against the perpetrators of such inhuman acts so that the people of Kashmir can live happily and peacefully thereafter.


(Author is internationally recognized Social and Human Rights activist from Kashmir)


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