Save our souls, save our society

The lawlessness that the representatives of our society have encouraged over the last three decades, are now showing through gory incidents involving drugs and violence. It’s the way of the kids who grew up with wrong lessons during the unrest in the Valley. Time to undo it all.

THE recent case of a drug addict killing his mother in Kashmir actually reflects on how the society is witnessing a degenerative freefall towards a culture of insanity and inhumanity. This fall, I am sorry to say, is not sudden. We ignored its undercurrents for 30 long years and allowed the drift from a peaceful tolerant society to one full of crime and criminals under dicey political narratives. We became a society that allowed a kid to deface an elderly, or asked a pregnant women suffering from labour pains to lift her clothes to prove she was not lying; or the one that allowed kids to pelt stones at ambulances, burn
government properties, enforce shutdowns through violent means during the infamous agitations of 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2016 and more. We should bow our heads in shame and share responsibility for this ugly transformation. When the elders, the parents, the so-called civil society groups, the journalists were celebrating glaring lawlessness and inhuman treatment, the kids growing up at that time probably felt that it’s okay to insult elders,
women, patients, doctors, teachers alike… And now those kids are grown up, with probably very twisted ways of thinking. I have stated on many occasions that there were a few wise men in Kashmir who had cautioned and warned strongly against introducing violence and violent means in the Kashmir society. They had predicted that if violence were accepted as a norm, a time would come when sons would kill their fathers and mothers and the society would be completely criminalised. Curse on those mullahs and politicians, the civil society members and the so-called intellectuals who offered justification to the violence and violent means, and promoted a culture of lawlessness and thus instigated little kids towards the same. The recent heart-wrenching incidents like chopping off a 30-year-old woman into pieces in Budgam, or a drug-addict killing his mother in a Sopore village or a seven-year-old girl being slaughtered in a Kupwara village are what we have achieved in the last 35 years! And it is even more shocking that there is still no organised resistance against the drug menace simply because mullahs and the so called civil society members do not want annoy their affiliates on the other side of the Line of Actual Control (LoAC) who keep sending huge consignments of drugs and arms to this side, to be used by our youngsters to create more and more chaos here. Such gory incidents taking place so frequently should be seen as a wake-up call and every parent should come forward and reject the culture of drugs and violence in Kashmir.


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