Shafi Dar and Shafi Dar Private Limited – Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank


You can call Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank by its original name. Or you can call it Shafi Dar and Shafi Dar Private Limited. Shafi Dar is the former Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank.

Shafi Dar’s unique talents have not got the recognition they deserve. One must make enquiries with the Guinness Book of World Records whether they have a category titled the following:

How many persons from one’s own clan has a man employed in a state institution headed by him. Shafi Dar may win the contest with distinction. After all, how many men will you find who have employed at least 62 persons from their clan in the state institution of which they are the Chairman?

Shafi Dar is a resident of Majeed Bagh, Barzulla, Srinagar. The state-owned bank is part of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. All the people appointed by Shafi Dar were doled out government jobs at high pay scales and secured by after-retirement pension.

The Shafi Dar Script For Bhand Pather

We Kashmiris have a rich tradition of Bhand Pather, which would at times bring to us situations that were so comical that one could only laugh and laugh more. Shafi Dar has written a new script of Bhand Pather for the Kashmiri folk artistes. Dar acted as the Lord And Master of Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank.

Finally, Dar was sacked by Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank for his sterling role as grand job provider to the House of Shafi Dar. Has the state also initiated action against the 62 persons appointed by him illegally, and many more backdoor appointments? No. Look at who all were doled out jobs by Shafi Dar at the Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank.

Dar doled out government jobs to his own relatives, to the relatives of his relatives, to the relatives of the relatives of his relatives. No, this is not a new tongue twister being written by KZINE. We are only bringing to you the sheer genius of Mohd Shafi Dar.

Here are some of the relatives to whom government jobs were doled out.
Maternal uncle’s daughter-in-law
Daughter’s sister-in-law
Relative of sister
Relative of daughter-in-law
Relative of Niece
Next-door Neighbour
Relative of Board Member/ Partner Bilal Ahmad Kuttay
Sister’s relative from in-laws
Relative’s son-in-law
Nephew of close friend Mushtaq Ahmad Dar
Relative of daughter-in-law

Government Jobs For Personal Hair Cutter, Family Hair Cutter, Personal Tailor’s Wife…

In addition to the relatives of relatives and further, Shafi Dar also doled out jobs to his neighbors and to relatives of his neighbors. Dar’s long list of accomplishments continues. Government jobs were provided to the following people associated with Dar.

Personal driver
Personal sweeper
Personal gardener
Personal tailor’s wife
Personal hair-cutter
Family hair cutter
Milkman’s grandson and so forth.
Neighbour, washing private vehicles of present Secretary of Cooperative Department

Why did Shafi Dar Leave Out The Kandurr?

Government jobs were being doled out like shireen and badam.  We at KZINE really cannot figure out why did Dar leave out the poor men at the clothing store from whom he used to buy his sherwani and pajama? Why were government jobs not provided to them? What wrong had they done? Why didn’t he provide government jobs to the son or daughter of the neighborhood Kandurr? What wrong had the poor Kandurr done to be deprived in this way? Dar owes an explanation to the state for ignoring these poor men.

This spate of recruitments was done not only for Level 4 posts but also for clerical posts. An investigation by Jammu and Kashmir Anti Corruption Bureau revealed that Shafi Dar made big money by making illegal appointments in Jammu and Kashmir State Cooperative Bank and also through backdoor appointments.

Please read below and be amazed.

S.No.      Name Parentage/Husband            Residence         Association With M. Shafi Dar
01. Irshad Ahmad Ghulam Rasool Dar Majeed Bagh Sanatnagar Nephew
02. Tanveer Ahmad Ghulam Rasool Dar Majeedbagh Sanatnagar Nephew
03. Kaiser Firdous Firdous Ahmad Dar Majeedbagh Sanatnagar Nephew
04. Faisal Firdous Firdous Ahmad Dar Majeedbagh Sanatnagar Nephew
05. Saqib Shabir Shabir Ahmad Dar Majeedbagh Sanatnagar Cousin Nephew
06. Sameer Shafi Mohammad  Shafi Dar Majeed Bagh , Sanatnagar Cousin Nephew
07. Wife Of Javaid Ahmad Bhat Bashir Ahmad Bhat Majeed Bagh , Sanatnagar Maternal Uncle’s Daughter In Law
08. Bilal Ahmad Rather Ghulam Mohammad Rather Majeed Bagh , Sanatnagar  Nephew


09. Shagufta Ghulam Mohamad Dar Majeed Bagh , Sanatnagar  Niece
10. Sayaar Ahmed Mohamad Ismail Yatoo Majeed Bagh , Sanatnagar Relative Of Sister
11. Abu Bakar Ghulam Ahmed Bhat Batamaloo Srinagar Cousin Brother
12. Aaqib Farooq Ahmad Bhat Batamaloo Srinagar Maternal  Cousin Sister’s Son
13. Waseem Mohammad Yaseen Bemina  Srinagar Cousin Sister’s Son
14. Asif Abdul Rashid Najar Bemina Srinagar Cousin Sister’s Son
15. Danisha Nazir Ahmad Bhat Chatabal Srinagar Maternal Cousin sister’s Daughter
16. Asifa Abdul Gani Malik Hyderpora Srinagar Daughter’s Sister In Law
17. Himayun Rasool Ghulam Rasool Bhat Hyderpora Srinagar Relative Of Daughter’s In Law
18. Insha Bhat N A Chatabal Srinagar Brother-In-Law’s Daughter Adopted By Ex Chairman M S Dar
19. Saima Farooq Ahmad Bhat Gadood Bagh, Srinagar Niece
20.  Kuka (Nick Name) Ghulam Mohamad Bhat Gadood Bagh, Srinagar Brother In Law
21. Mushtaq Ahmad Dar Mohamad Shaban Dar Majeed Bagh Relative Of Niece
22. Nasir Shafi Mohamad Shafi Dar Majeed Bagh Next Door Neighbour
23. Shabir Ahmad Ghulam Mohamad Malik Majeed Bagh Neighbour
24. Nasir Bashir Bashir Ahmad Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour
25. Rafiq Ahmad Dar Ghulam Mohamad Dar Majeed Bagh Sister’s Relative
26. Showkat Ahmad Dar Ghulam Mohammad Dar Majeed Bagh Domestic Servant
27. Zahid Yosuf Mohammad Yousuf Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour
28. Rayees Sidiq Mohammad Sidiq Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour
29. Shubeena Fayaz Fayaz Ahmad Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour
30. Younis Hameed Abdul Hamid Dar Majeed Bagh Land Donor Neighbour
31. Masoor Shafi Mohamad Shafi Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour
32. Musavir Majeed Abdul Majeed Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour, Also Helping Hand In Misdeeds
33. Zahoor Ahmad Dar Ghulam Nabi Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour, Washing Pvt Vehicles Of Present Secretary Of Cooperative Deptt
34. Abdul Rashid Dar Khazir Mohammad Dar Majeed Bagh Neighbour
35. Shabir Ahmad Rather Abdul Rahman Rather Parraypora, Baghat  Srinagar Friend/ Neighbour
36. Rizwan Ahmad  N A Barzulla, Srinagar    Relative
37. Shakeel Ahmad N A Aalochi Bagh Srinagar Personal Driver
38. Farooq Ahmad Ganie N A Galwanpora, Hyderpora, Srinagar Personal Sweeper
39. Fayaz Ahmad Ganie N A Galwanpora, Hyderpora Srinagar Personal Gardner
40. Razia W/O Akhter Rasool Kursoo, Padshahi Bagh Personal Tailor’s Wife
41. Hilal Ahmad Dar Ghulam Ahmad Dar Hyderpora Srinagar Relative From His Patner Firdous  Ah
42. Son Of Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad Hajam Parraypora, Baghat Srinagar Personal Barber
43. Manzoor Ahmad Hajam Ghulam Mohammad Hajam Hyderpora Srinagar Family Barber
44. Firdous Ahmad Bhat Ghulam Nabi Bhat Hyderpora Srinagar Relative Of Board Member/ Partner Bilal Ah Kuttay
45. Muzaffar Ah Bhat Ghulam Mohammad Bhat Hyderpora Srinagar Relative Of Board Member/ Patner Bilal Ah Kuttay
46. Mohammad Suhail Mohammad Maqbool Bhat Rawatpora Baghat Srinagar Friend’s Son
47. Faizal Farooq Farooq Ahmad Bhat Rawatpora Baghat Srinagar Friend’s Son
48. Zahid Showkat Ahmad Dar Chanapora Milkman’s  Grandson
49. Arsheen Abdul Majeed Ganie Natipora Srinagar Friend’s Daughter
50. Aadil Fayaz Fayaz Ahmad Dar Baghate  Barzulla Srinagar Partner’s Nephew
51. Mohammad Maqbool N A  Gungbug Srinagar Relative’s Son In Law
52. Parvaiz Ahmad Mir Ghulam Hassan Mir Rawalpora Srinagar Sister’s Relative From In-Laws
53. Son Of Abdul Rashid Mir Ex General Manager Accused In Case FIR No 04/2020      
54. Son Of Mohammad Ashraf Bhat Ex Managing Director     Supporting Partner
55. Mohammad Maqbool Ghulam Rasool Bhat Naider Gund Peer Bagh Srinagar Sister’s Relative From In Laws
56. D/O Mohd Hafeez Tantaray N A Nowche Bagh, Mandar Bagh , Srinagar Close Friend And Associate
57. Daughter-In-Law Of Mohammad Hafeez Tantaray N A Nowche Bagh, Mander Bagh , Srinagar Close Friend And Associate
58. Gasha ( Nick Name) Mohammad Amin Dar Baghate Barzulla Srinagar Nephew Of Close Friend Mushtaq Ahmad Dar.
59. D/O Gh Hassan Advocate Ghulam Hassan Budgam Personal Advocate At Budgam Court
60. S/O Mohammad Yousuf Dagga Mohammad Yousuf Dagga Gogji Bagh, Jawaher Nagar Srinagar Personal Friend
61. S/O Mohammad Haqq Wani Mohammad Haqq Wani Majeed Bagh , Sanath Nagar Srinagar Relative Of Daughter In Law
62. Two Daughters Of Shafiq Ahmad Shafiq Ahmad Aloochi Bagh, Srinagar Close Friend And Associate


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