Sopore Attack: How Long Will We Deny The Brutality Of Militants


K DIARIES: The Tales Of Kashmiris Killing Kashmiris

The terror attack in Sopore was heart-wrenching. Why is our blood being shed like water in the name of jihad. Our blood has value!

My heart cries for the five Kashmiris who got killed in the terrorist attack. While setting out of home, they would have told their family members what time they were likely to be back. Their parents, children, spouses, relatives may have been waiting for them home. But no, this is Kashmir. One is never assured of a safe return.

Terrorists have created a state of war in Kashmir.

Terrorists have made our Kashmir a slaughterhouse where innocents get killed if they roam freely.

What are they trying to achieve? That Kashmir should get blacklisted and even a common innocent Kashmiri should be called a terrorist?

For the last three decades, Kashmir has been a bleeding ground, wracked by insurgency. The most dreaded and the most fearful are the terror attacks that target unarmed civilians in busy markets. This is not the act of a Jihadi. This is cowardice. These killings have no connection to jihad. It is tyranny.

Those who kill people this way have not perhaps understood the importance of life. They are seeking their end, but why are they interrupting the lives of others? They have no right. A common Kashmiri stays silent in this violent atmosphere. Despite his silence, he gets killed.

Do we people feel that getting killed in the conflict by terrorists is holy death? Is our conscience dead? Since the terror attack in Sopore, I have been surfing social media handles for condemnation of these killings. I am not able to find anything. It is as if nothing has happened. What are we Kashmiris waiting for – that we all should get killed this way?

What if the Army or the Police was responsible for this act of violence? Then we would have had long TV debates crying for justice. There would be a storm on social media with condemnation messages. Each user may have called out to international human rights commissions to intervene.

Why did none of this happen now? Because the attackers were our Jihadis. The killings are regarded as pious, so every single Kashmiri kept mum. Kashmiris forget everything related to militant activities. Nobody dares to question the militants for their wrongs. What kind of place is our homeland where deaths are celebrated?

Till now we have been focusing on Hum kya chahtay… Azaadi. What now? Is this the Azadi that we want and what we wish for?

Those who had picked up arms to follow the call for so-called Azadi are betraying our people. The terrorists are trying to dominate the common Kashmiris. We did not understand their wicked ideas.

People must understand the evil ideology of these radicals. They use weapons to spread terror, get fame and make their Aaqas sitting across the border happy. How many of us Kashmiris feel good to see these innocent killings? How many of us cry over them? How many of us believe that those who were killed in the recent attack were guilty and they deserved it? How many of us want this senseless violence to end? How many of us want this futile conflict to get over and start life all over again?

When all this violence is happening to someone else, we are able to make ourselves numb to it. We forget that tomorrow, we may be the one who get killed in terror attacks. Our young generations shall blame us. They shall say – if you had raised your voice against these terror attacks, they would not have multiplied.

Pakistan’s Duplicity

In a recent tweet, the foreign office of Pakistan blamed the Indian security forces for the killing of the innocent Kashmiris in the terror attack at Sopore. It seems that they have not seen the video which circulated on social media soon after the attack. The terrorists chanted Allah hu Akbar. They were militants sent by Pakistan to create an atmosphere of fear in Kashmir.

Terrorist group The Resistance Front has blamed the security forces for the killing of unarmed civilians.

It is sad that those who call themselves pious post lies on social media. These people pretend that they and their allies were not involved in the killings.

They try to befool Kashmiris by posting these condemnatory messages. They talk about the evidence of JK Police being involved in the killing of innocents. TRF is trying to justify its sins and befool Kashmiris again and again.

There are several pages on social media platforms that post hateful anti-India posts. These pages have high viewership in Kashmir. Kashmiris are unaware that most of these pages are operated from across the border. People easily circulate this kind of content.

Then there are the social media handles operated by some rogue members of the Kashmiri diaspora. They provoke Kashmiris to constantly stay in conflict with the state.

Efforts To Make Kashmiri Youth Fight The State

Recently, there have been tweets with the hashtag #redforkashmir. They are after the Kashmiris to “create or join on-ground protests”. These people want to make Kashmir hell by playing on our emotions and encouraging us to wage war against India.

Kashmiris are easily fooled into believing that India is using brutal ways to dominate the Valley. This is not true.

We are witnessing a continuous decline in law and order problems in the valley. These pages try to provoke the common Kashmiri to pick up arms and get killed. People should remain cautious and alert by not re-tweeting, sharing, or posting such content.

It breaks my heart to imagine the pain of those whose loved ones have been killed in the recent terrorist attack at Sopore. The pain of five widows. The sufferings of the orphans who will not receive their father’s love. The wailing parents who have lost their child and also their support in old age. They must be cursing this violence. What else can they do? Our consciousness is in deep sleep. We don’t want to feel somebody’s pain. We just want to watch and keep mum till it is our turn to be the victim of this conflict.

After analyzing the conflict scenario for a decade, I feel distressed. Those who are ready to be the part of this conflict did not dwell on the logic. They are so radicalized that their only choice is to die, not to live and serve.

Mullah Class Using Ordinary Kashmiris As Cannon Fodder

I have observed that the mullah class of Kashmir is using all other social classes as cannon fodder for the conflict.

 Nobody is questioning that why are they making another man’s son die. Why not their own son? Kashmir’s mullah class has occupied the top positions in all spheres in the Valley, be it politics, judiciary, bureaucracy or even separatists. They have dominated Kashmir and have imposed their ideology on all other social classes. For purposes of study, one may examine the militants who have got killed after the killing of Burhan Wani. They are not from the mullah class, but they have got easily influenced by the ideology of this class. We Kashmiris must analyze the last three decades in the Valley. Who is suffering, who is been killed, who is a militant, and who is a commandant. All this pain is reserved for the ordinary Kashmiris, not the mullah class of Kashmir.


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