Spruce-up for the summit

Magam Township in central Kashmir that acts as a gateway to Gulmarg, has geared up to welcome the delegates of the G-20 summit slated for May 22-24.

Mir Tanveer

THE Kashmir Valley has been revving up for the international global summit of G-20 at Srinagar besides other parts of the Union Territory.
In Srinagar city, Lal Chowk and the areas in its vicinity have been spruced up with art work. Besides this, roads and pedestrian pathways have also been given a facelift with new tiling and polishing to lend Srinagar an impressive look.
Other parts of the Valley too have been developed and designed with a new appearance for the guests to honour the G-20 summit leadership that India’s got from Indonesia last year.
One space that calls for a good mention is the Magam Township of central Kashmir – also known as the gateway to Gulmarg. It is recognised for its market establishments and local businesses in Budgam district. It grabbed the attention of the tourism industry of India because of its presence on the Gulmarg highway. Magam is 24 kilometres away from the Srinagar city area.
Since it’s a prime location on the Srinagar-Gulmarg road, preparations have been on here in full swing for the G-20 summit.

At the Magam Township, the walls have been done up with different art works and slogans representing the Kashmiri culture and art. Messages of different institutions and establishments along the theme of the upcoming G-20 summit have been grafted on the walls. Proper renovation and repair work has been done at the township to upgrade the infrastructure since it is among the priority townships for the guests and foreign delegates.
The municipality authorities of the township say that adequate cleanliness and sanitation systems are in place for garbage & waste material disposal. Cleanliness of the township is prioritised on a daily basis without any leniency. They say that their sole focus is to give the township a new look ahead of the G-20. Collaborative efforts have been made by the shopkeepers in the vicinity to make the township waste-free in its vicinity and areas around.
Mir Hamid, a shopkeeper here, feels that the global event finding its way to Gulmarg, will provide a boost to national and international tourism in the Valley. And needless to say, he adds, it will generate revenue for the people in the township.
Another resident of the township says that the preparation for the G-20 summit has brought development to the township which has now been shaped along modern lines and facilities. With this event, the overall look of the township has improved. The footpaths and the drainage system have been upgraded. Installation of electrical lights on the poles lends a mesmerising look to the township at night
The security officials of the township are also making proper arrangements ahead of the G-20 summit. On a day-to-day basis, patrolling of the roads is being done in the morning and evening hours so as to ensure a smooth passing through for the summit representatives. During the day hours, security agencies continue to have a strict vigil on the movement within the township.


Also, the entire Srinagar-Gulmarg road has been renovated with a new aesthetic look, thanks to the installation of different hoardings and signboards. The authorities have installed wood-carved signboards at different locations on the road to show off Kashmiri wood work. The world famous ski resort and tourist destination, Gulmarg in north Kashmir, is all set to host the foreign dignitaries. Gulmarg’s roads, pathways, and hotels have been spruced up for the foreign dignitaries. The three-day meet under India’s G-20 presidency is scheduled to be held in Srinagar from May 22 to 24. The administrative machinery has indeed put out its best arrangements to ensure that it turns out to be a memorable experience for the delegates.


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