Terminated PRO Kashmir University played a huge role in violent agitations of 2008, 2010 and 2016: Govt


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The government of J&K has terminated Public Relations Officer (PRO) of University of Kashmir Faheem Aslam, Revenue Department officer, Murawath Hussain Mir and Police Constable Arshid Ahmad Thoker from the service for actively working with Pakistani terror outfits, providing logistics to terrorists, propagating terrorists ideology, raising terror finances and furthering secessionist agenda. The government has invoked 311 (2) (c) of the Constitution of India to sack the three government employees after a painstaking investigation clearly established that they were acting on behalf of Pakistan ISI and the terror outfits.

A top official in the government told Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com that Faheem Aslam (PRO, University of Kashmir), currently working as Public Relations Officer (PRO) in University of Kashmir, is a diehard secessionist who not only subscribes to and endorses the secessionist ideology, but has been a key propagandist for terrorists and terror outfits in Kashmir Valley. According to sources privy to investigation, Faheem Aslam, was planted in Kashmir University in August, 2008 by a terror-separatists kingpin as a contractual employee and subsequently he was confirmed. He was designated as media reporter by the University to keep the secessionist-terrorist campaign alive because the University campus was known as one of the epicentres of secessionist activism and an important breeding ground for terrorism as well. Further investigation will be launched to nab the kingpin of the terror-separatists syndicate, who is said to have operated as a close aide of terrorist Shabir Shah before venturing into legitimate business with seed money received from Pakistan ISI.

Quoting sources the official said Faheem’s appointment was done without any public advertisement, interview and police verification.

“In complete violation of constitutional requirement of affording equal opportunity to all similarly placed persons for a position funded by public exchequer, he was issued with an appointment letter without holding any interview or any competition or police/CID verification. Simply put, he was clandestinely allowed to enter into public employment through a backdoor,” Sources said.

Faheem Aslam who had come to be a publicly known secessionist-terrorist campaigner and whom by virtue of his write-ups in Greater Kashmir and social media posts made it abundantly clear that his loyalty lies with Pakistan. He had deleted several posts, which campaigned for secession of J&K and its merger with Pakistan, after abrogation of Article 370. These posts have been retrieved during the course of investigation. These posts depict beyond doubt that he is a hardcore Pak Embedded High Value Asset (PEHVA) of Terror Outfits, responsible for promoting and glamorising terrorism.

In one of his posts on Facebook, Faheem Aslam writes on 23 May 2020 which is quoted as under: “Nothing can ever change one reality; Kashmir will always observe Eid with Pakistan, ALWAYS! That’s for Pakistan, not Kashmiris. We will go with Pakistan. Let Pakistan decide who they want to go with: Choudhary sb or Mufti sb”.

In another social media post Faheem Aslam writes; “May Allah [SWT] ease the sufferings of Muslims across the globe, especially in Palestine, Kashmir and Pakistan. May the occupation end and occupiers burn in hell. May Allah accept the sacrifices of martyrs, and may Gaza and Kashmir see the dawn of freedom soon. [Ameen]”.

Faheem Aslam minces no words in demonstrating his hatred for the country and mentioning brave security forces as “Indian Occupational Forces”. On 04 August 2015, he posted the following on social media:

“Epitaph on the grave of my cousin from Islamabad (read Anantnag) who was martyred by Indian occupational forces on 27 October 1990. He was 20 years then. Please read the lines once and pray for his soul. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen!!!

Despite the fact that Faheem Aslam has deleted several of his social media posts which were in hundreds wherein he propagated and promoted terrorism day in and day out, it still is in the common knowledge in Kashmir valley that he has been the biggest narrative terrorist especially in between 2008-2018.

According to sources, while drawing salary from state exchequer, Faheem Aslam was simultaneously taking salary from Greater Kashmir newspaper since 2008. As per inputs, he was given salary in cash to hide his wrongdoings as a public servant. He had taken no permission from the University to work with Greater Kashmir. Available records suggest that he had been a permanent staffer of Greater Kashmir newspaper filing reports and functioning as a full time sub-editor. This fact is also in the common knowledge of everyone associated with the press in Kashmir. Sources said as a reporter and sub-editor in Greater Kashmir and simultaneously being employed in Kashmir University, the entire reportage of Faheem Aslam clearly establishes his secessionist credentials. According to sources, NIA is already investigating the terror and ISI link of Greater Kashmir newspaper and its associated business interests.

The content of the writings of the Faheem Aslam leaves little doubt about the intent- to legitimize the terrorism in J&K UT and support secession of J&K from the Indian Union. Sources said, Faheem Aslam has been positioned by the Pakistan proxies like the terror Kingpin turn businessman since 2008 to nourish and sustain pro-Pakistan activities in Kashmir University.

“It is open knowledge that appointment and positioning of such brazen advocates of the cause of terrorism-secessionism in J&K was made possible only with the combined efforts of the terror syndicate which over a period of time had come to help each other to entrench themselves in Kashmir University. The fact is Faheem Aslam being implicitly allowed to simultaneously work in Greater Kashmir newspaper by the University administration is itself strong evidence of the clout he enjoyed,” Sources said.

According to investigators, Faheem Aslam has remained affiliated with the Yasin Malik led JKLF. He would be often seen in the company of such elements inside the campus as well as outside the campus. He also virtually acted as Syed Ali Shah Geelani PRO while working in Greater Kashmir and University.

Faheem Aslam has played a huge role as an activist, secessionist-narrative peddler and organiser in violent agitations of 2008, 2010 and 2016. He has been at the forefront of these agitations in planning and organising demonstrations especially in Kashmir University campus. He would often figure in newspaper photographs and other audio-visual media bytes, which stands deleted from internet as on date. He is still influencing young boys and girls towards secessionism who study or seek admission in Kashmir University.

“The likes of Faheem Aslam being placed by the adversary of the Indian state in the seat of highest learning is causing the spread of the toxic influence of terror ideology in young minds with consequences that are highly detrimental for national security as well as the youngsters,” Sources said.

2. Arshid Ahmad Thoker (Police Constable)

Arshid Ahmad Thoker was recruited as a constable in Jammu and Kashmir Police, first in Armed Police in 2006 and later in Executive Police in 2009. After completing his Basic Recruitment Training Course (BRTC) at Lethpora police training centre, he ‘managed’ his transfer to District Srinagar and remained mostly attached as PSO/ Driver with different police/civil officers and protectees.

Arshid came in contact with a hardcore Over Ground Worker (OGW) of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror outfit Mushtaq Ahmad Ganie, aka RK, son of Mohammad Kamal Ganie resident of Sheikhpora Wathoora, Budgam.

Mushtaq introduced Arshid to JeM network and thus he became an indispensable conduit and logistic supporter for this dreaded terrorist outfit in Budgam and Pulwama, especially in Chadoora-Kakapora axis.

“By his association with JeM network, Arshid’s belief in terror ideology got further strengthened. He became more emboldened to take risks to support terrorism, without caring for adverse impact on his police duties. Instead he took full advantage of his police identity to escape police and security forces naka points. He had absolute clarity about his twin goals. Firstly, financing terrorism to which he was ideologically committed. Secondly, to earn illegal money through narcotic trade, to satisfy his greed,” Sources said.

On 31.05.2020 subsequent to a specific information received by Police Station Chadoora about the suspicious movement of terrorists and their associates in the area of Wathoora and Dooniwara. To nab the terrorists/terrorist associates, a joint naka of Police/CRPF/Army was established near Dooniwari Bridge. During checking, he was arrested along with below mentioned terror associates:

i.Mudasir Fayaz Mir S/o Fayaz Ahmad Mir R/o Tanghar Kralpora

ii.Danish Ahmad Sheikh S/o Feroz Ahmad Sheikh R/o Gopalpora Chadoora

iii.Shabir Ahmad Ganie S/o Mohammad Maqbool Ganie R/o Sheikhpora Wathoora

iv.Mohammad Issaq Bhat S/o Bashir Ahmad Bhat R/o Narvaw Sadipora Shopian

v.Sageer Ahmad Poswal S/o Nazir Ahmad Poswal R/o Amrohi Karnah

The following recoveries were made from the possession of Arshid and others:

-One Chinese Pistol with Pistol Magazine

– Four Pistol Rounds

– One Hand Grenade

– Indian Currency of Rs 1,55,000 and 1Kilogram of Heroine.

This was a clear case of narco-terrorism and the liability of Arshid in this case makes him a high grade narco-terrorist. The cash recovered from Arshid and his associates was intended to be used for the purpose of terrorism. He also used vehicles to facilitate/ferry the JeM terrorists.

“Further involvement of Arshid surfaced on 24.06.2022,when two persons namely Younis Manzoor Waza S/o Manzoor Ahmad Waza R/o Wathoora Chadoora, Budgam and Mehboob Ahmad Sheikh S/o Mohammad Ramzan Sheikh R/o Bonhar Wathoora, Budgam were arrested by Police along with two vehicles. The arrestees disclosed that these vehicles have been purchased from the proceeds of narcotics provided by Arshid. They also disclosed that they were on way to give delivery of these two vehicles to terrorists for some terror activity which they were not aware of,” Sources said.

According to investigators, Arshid evolved to be a highly effective OGW on account of being a policeman, as he took undue and criminal advantage of his uniform and his credentials.

“He would always go unnoticed at police/army naka points by displaying his police identity card which would save him from any search including of those riding with him on motorcycle or in any other vehicle. The narco-terror activities of Arshid remained undetected over the years because of being a member of police force. Instead of helping the department in fighting terror which he was mandated for, he chose to be a mole and a collaborator and betrayed his oath and uniform. Arshid’s disloyalty towards the nation and department by becoming an accomplice and OGW of JeM terror outfit has wreaked colossal damage on to the department, society and the state,” the investigation report said to have stated.

3. Murawath Hussain Mir (Revenue Officer)

Murawath Hussain Mir, was appointed as a Junior Assistant in 1985 in Revenue Department. He got thickly involved in terrorism as soon as Pakistan sponsored terrorist and secessionist campaign commenced in J&K in 1990. Not only he became ideologically a hardcore proponent of secessionist mythos, but he was also a point-man for several proscribed terror outfits like Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) and J&K Liberation Front (JKLF), allowing them free access to interfere in the affairs of Tehsil office of Pampore.

Sources said, Murawath was a conduit of terrorists to extort monthly ‘donations’ from fellow employees.

“As, it is a known fact that terrorist outfits in early 1990s, would collect monthly funds from government employees on their salary day, the deductions came to be sort of institutionalized wherein cashiers and accountants of almost all departments of the government routinely did this. He would be the main facilitator for such extortions in Tehsil offices of Pampore and Tral,” Sources said.

Murawath Hussain did not restrict himself to being an extortion facilitator for terrorist outfits.

“Eventually, he evolved as one of the most important and trustworthy over ground workers (OGW) for both HM and JKLF, getting baptised in active terrorism, with total commitment. He abundantly misused his position in the government and his close proximity with magistracy. While arranging logistics for terrorists and transporting weapons/ammunition, Murawath Hussain would navigate police/SF checkpoints by virtue of his identity as a member of local magisterial setup,” Sources further added.

Investigation has revealed that in October 1995, he was arrested by security forces in Rajbagh, Srinagar along with 4 other terrorists of HM and JKLF. Iterrogation had then revealed that they were planning to blow up a vital installation in Srinagar city for which they had arranged a substantial quantity of explosives/bombs which was later recovered from their possession.

“Murawath was behind bars for 0nly 8 months before getting released and managing re-entry in the government. That all checks and balances of the system so far has failed to even initiate a modicum of accountability of the misdeeds of Murawath Hussain despite a lapse of 28 years is evidence of near state capture by the adversary,” Sources observed.

Subsequently, Murawath Hussain Mir for his deep connections with secessionist-terrorist ecosystem and being an active member of such system, obtained the admission of his son Haris Murawath in MBBS in Pakistan with the blessings of United Jehad Council and its proxies in Kashmir.

“In 2007, Murawath Hussain founded Falah-e-Behbood committee in Pampore town and became its founding president and continues to be so till date. Intelligence inputs suggest that this committee has played an important role during public unrests of 2008, 2010, 2016,” Sources added.

It is pertinent to mention that as a Lieutenant Governor of J&K UT, Manoj Sinha has adopted the policy of “Zero Tolerance Against Terrorism”. So far, he has successfully broken the back of terrorism and systematically dismantled the terror eco-system that was thriving in J&K prior to abrogation of 370. With the latest three termination order, the count has climbed to 52 officers who have been sacked for their link with terror outfits. Recently, Manoj Sinha had terminated two doctors, Dr Nighat Shaheen Chilloo and Dr Bilal Ahmad Dalal, who had hatched a conspiracy with PAK ISI, Terror Outfits and its assets within Kashmir to falisfy post-mortem report of Asiya and Neelofar of Shopian, who had unfortunately died by accidental drowning on 29th May 2009.

In August last year, Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha had sacked Ms. Assabah-ul-Arjamand, a KAS officer and wife of dreaded terrorist, Bitta Karate. Assabah had developed deep links with secessionist-terrorist networks, especially JKLF, within and outside the country. In the same month last year, Manoj Sinha had terminated the services of Syed Abdul Mueed, son of Hizbul Mujahideen founder and a most wanted terrorist Syed Salah-ud-din. The terrorist son was given a government job in 2012 as a manager IT in JKEDI. Soon after his appointment in 2012, a series of attacks followed between 2013-2019 there were at least 03 terrorist attacks in and around JKEDI complex at Sempora in Pampore. This continued with intermittent gaps till 2019. In one such terror attack in October 2016, the hostel and the main building suffered extensive damage and also several security force personnel lost their lives.

In May 2022, Lt Governor Manoj Sinha had terminated Altaf Hussain Pandit, Professor in the Chemistry Department of Kashmir University. Altaf was an active terrorist for approximately three long years. He joined terrorist ranks in 1990 and had crossed LoC. After obtaining arms-ammunition training in Pakistan he returned to Kashmir in the same year. He was provided with appointment in 2004 though he remained deeply associated with JeI cadre and secessionists during his study at Aligarh Muslim University. It is evident that there was no change in Altaf Hussain Pandit as far as his intention to use his new status as an academic for spreading secessionist-separatist ideology. Anees-Ul-Islam, grandson of Syed Ali Shah Geelani was terminated by Lt Governor Manoj Sinha in October 2021. Altaf Ahmad Shah @ Fantosh was among the first founder members of Islami Jamat-e-Tulba (IJT) J&K; student wing of Jamat-e-Islami, and remained its Nazim-e-Zilla (District President) Srinagar. Over a period of time with his deep rooted connections in JeI, he became one of the executive member of Tehreek-i-Hurriyat led by his father in law Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Shahid Yousuf, Syed Ahmad Shakeel, the other two sons of Salah-ud-din were terminated by the Lt Governor in July 2021.

Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha is razing the ecosystem that has abetted J&K terror so far. His crackdown on terrorists, terror eco-system and supporters are seen as the last nail in the coffin of terrorism.


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