Terror Apologists Extract Huge Price From Kashmir


They Nurture And Deepen Narratives Of Separatism And Militancy

No One Called Their Bluff, Demolished Their Lies

The terror ecosystem of Kashmir had remained unchallenged for long. In mainstream media, MAC Letter, KZINE and now KASHMIR CENTRAL have challenged these terror propagandists and terror apologists. They operate under catchy, socially acceptable names and labels like journalists, activists, human rights defenders etc. These are the so-called journalists whose bounden duty is to inflame Kashmiris at all times and provoke them for violence. They provide intellectual support to extremism and militancy. Why? What is the reason that this clique should forever keep up their laments on Kashmir? The reason is the gains that they make from the conflict and from Pakistan. In the mainstream media, the operations of this clique had never been challenged. Whatever lies and concoctions they had put out on Kashmir were accepted as gospel truth. Now when their lies are being questioned, the clique is feeling the heat and has set out to malign me.

Note what Gowhar Geelani wrote.  

“This person has been a lapdog of several unionist political parties, later shifted to event management and organising seminars under the auspices of a nondescript NGO. Now everyone knows how he has put his loyalty on sale, of course for the highest bidder. A mediocre stenographer.”

Here is something else that Gowhar put out.  

“Stenography, sycophancy and embedded servitude can never ever replace journalism of quality, integrity, courage, truth and fearlessness.
Pliant partners need support of the regime while journalists are supported by facts, votes by members and backing of legitimate associations.” Evidently, Gowhar sees himself as a journalist who is supposedly supported by facts. These are the so-called journalists whose bounden duty is to inflame Kashmiris at all times and provoke them for violence. They provide intellectual support to extremism and militancy 


Take a look at the doctored “facts” that Gowhar Geelani presents to you. On November 24, a Kashmiri militant named Mehran who had attained the notorious tag of “killing machine” was neutralized by security forces in a shootout in Srinagar. Mehran had assassinated innocent civilians indiscriminately, sending shockwaves through Kashmir. Two other militants were also killed with him. Some women passers-by who witnessed the shootout got hysterical. Unaware that a dreaded militant had been killed, they started shouting that three youths had been killed by the police.

Gowhar Geelani and his clique started churning out tweet after tweet, dragging police action into webs of suspicion. The hysteria of the unaware passers-by was amplified by Gowhar and gang.

Gowhar has for long assumed positions which get easy traction in the western world. These spin doctors wear labels of ‘journalists’. For Pakistan, feeding these constituencies is peanuts. I have said it before, and I say it now. Gowhar Geelani and others of his ilk are constantly striving for the international circuit bankrolled by Pakistan. In those circuits, these conflict entrepreneurs are given an intellectual halo and are hero-worshipped. They are part of a global cabal that sit in conferences on Kashmir and pontificate on how and why the conflict is getting prolonged. These cabals are sustained by conflict institutions propped up and funded by Pakistan. It’s not just the intellectual halo and the international acclaim in select circles that matters. This American expression is rude but accurate. It’s The Money, Stupid! You have recently being decrying neutrality, Gowhar. Indeed there is no space for neutrality on Kashmir. Eldridge Cleaver, one of America’s leading black political activists, had famously said: “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.” Remember this wisdom when you don the cloak of a journalist.


Here is a wannabe for the global cabal who wants to wear the halo on Kashmir, bestowed by Pakistan. He describes himself as an independent journalist. Such a charming term! Here’s Hassan’s rant at me. “Exactly! The audacity to write these dangerous words comes with patronage from the powers that be. Last year, there was a two-page venomous propaganda article published against me—aimed to cause physical harm —in the magazine which this man is editor of.” Ah! The venomous propaganda. Hassan, study the words you write in the garb of a journalist. You may get an insight into what venomous propaganda means. I only called your bluff. What was that you said again? Aimed to cause physical harm? Not at all bro. You are part of the terror ecosystem. You are protected by those who jump on ISI’s command. In the ninth edition of KZINE, which appeared in August 2021, we called Hassan’s bluff on his reportage on Kashmir. For a news portal titled The Polis Project, Hassan had written a report on Kashmir. The headline was this. Feels like death knell: In Kashmir, India wants to kill the spirit of journalism under the label of terror


Hassan’s constant attempt is to isolate Kashmir from the terrorism context. There is a constant attempt to erase the reality of terrorism. In the name of journalism, examine what Hassan is continually trying to project to the Western world. He is trying to whitewash the lived experience of Pakistan-sponsored jihadi terror in Kashmir. Witness Hassan’s willful denial to acknowledge the roots of global terrorism planted by Pakistan in Kashmir to achieve its wicked goals. In his article of 1565 words, Hassan mentioned the word ‘militants’ only once. Hassan declares on his Twitter account that he is a Kashmiri. But he chooses to be completely oblivious to the elephant in the room – Pakistan-sponsored terror in Kashmir. This is what new-age journalism by Hassan in The Polis Project, a self-stated “hybrid research and journalism organization” dishes out – reporting that is blind to ground realities. In the name of journalism, examine what Aakash Hassan is continually trying to project to the Western world. He is trying to whitewash the lived experience of Pakistan-sponsored jihadi terror in Kashmir


The clique of Gowhar Geelani, Aakash Hassan, Ahmer Khan and ilk has discovered it well. Global careers as journo-activists are not being built by those of us who are trying to heal Kashmir and build a future for our children here. Global careers are built by normalizing the bizarre. They are built by the pretence that Pakistan-sponsored terrorism is “the resistance of our boys”. What are the platitudes Gowhar Geelani reserved for himself? Journalism of quality, integrity, courage, truth and fearlessness. What are the names they called me? Stenography. Sycophancy. Embedded servitude. Ah! The fruits of not playing their tired old games.


Watch Hassan take high moral ground. “An increasingly authoritarian state is now blatantly stopping journalists from reporting. Conditions have been created so one cannot think freely. The critical journalistic approach has been killed. This muzzling of voices disturbs me.” You’re right Hassan. There is muzzling of voices in Kashmir all right. The militants are muzzling voices. They are silencing all dissent. You don’t have the spine to say it. In his article, Hassan mentions the killing of Mushtaq Ali. But you don’t stand up for that. You don’t have the spine to say that photo-journalist Mushtaq Ali was killed by terrorists who sent a parcel bomb to kill senior journalist Yusuf Jameel. You could have spoken of the assault on media freedom by militants. You could have spoken about the chilling uncertainty that faced by all those who question the terror ecosystem. But that doesn’t suit your agenda, does it?


Global careers as journo-activists and so-called human rights defenders are built by ignoring that terrorism is a smokescreen for narcotics smuggling. They are built by glorifying and romanticizing young men who are rushing to meet death, even as they terrorize the local population. Why should this glorification and romaticization of terrorists happen? Because this is the Pakistan agenda. Terrorism in Kashmir gives Pakistan Army legitimacy and relevance. The gravy train flows from Pakistan to keep the terrorism shoots green in Kashmir. Pakistan also keeps those channels flowing from where Hassan gets the dollars to keep up the strident tone on Kashmir. Aakash Hassan wrote is propaganda piece in The Polis Project. The expose by the Disinfo Lab titled Kashmir Inc: A Conflict Industry, published in early August, revealed that the Facebook page of The Polis Project is run from Pakistan.


In his tweet during the intense discussion on me, Ahmer Khan wrote: “I was recently shown an article against me and my work by the same man. I don’t even know him or his magazine.” Ah! The man doesn’t know me or my magazine. He has no idea we exist. Why did I have to demolish his lies? In February 2021, freelance reporter Ahmer Khan was named the winner of the 2019 Agence France-Presse (AFP) Kate Webb Prize for his “coverage on the ground in India-controlled Kashmir during Delhi’s lockdown of the region”. According to an AFP report, the award recognises journalism by locally hired reporters in Asia operating in risky or difficult conditions. The conditions were risky and difficult, yes. In his entire reportage, Ahmer never told his media bosses or the world that the reportage was made difficult by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, and the state’s efforts to contain it. In Ahmer’s reportage, the constant make-believe is that the state is the villain.

Such Pakistan-friendly reportage is so touching.

Khan made no mention of the clampdown enforced by Pakistan-sponsored militants. As a Kashmiri, he was fully aware of the barbarism unleashed by the terrorists. He made no mention of how the militants had intimidated the region’s population through constant threatening posters. He did not write that the militants had gone all out to wreck law and order in Kashmir, and the state was trying to restore it. With the award and in eulogizing Khan’s geo-politically blind news-reporting, AFP stood reduced. But why did we have to carry an expose on the naïve Ahmer Khan? The man had never even heard of me or my magazine! In Kashmir mainstream media, the terror ecosystem was unchallenged. We challenged them. We showed them the mirror. Now they are aghast. Now they are scandalized. In his entire reportage, Ahmer never told his media bosses or the world that the reportage was made difficult by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, and the state’s efforts to contain it. In Ahmer’s reportage, the constant make-believe is that the state is the villain.


Let’s face it. This is the part of the fight in Kashmir. The fight between these Pakistan cheerleaders and those Kashmiris who want a Kashmir free of terror. These Pakistan cheerleaders will keep doing their dance. What do they have to lose? They have received enough funds to support the study of their children in peaceful, harmonious areas. The poor Kashmiri continues to be fooled. There are enough terror players who continue to fill his head with Pakistan propaganda. Ahmer Khan mocks us, saying he doesn’t know us. That’s all right. We don’t make the claim that the world knows us. You continue your rants to make sure militancy is always glorified and the youth who move into militancy are always romanticized. The hands of you and your clique are coloured with the blood of Kashmiris. Whatever your fake positioning in western circles to ensure Advantage Pakistan, you do not have the proprietorship over the voice of the Kashmiris. Let us be clear that you are do not represent the interest of the common Kashmiris. You represent Pakistan. The fight is between you and those people in Kashmir who want a better future for their children.

Kashmir Reeled In Shock Over Teachers’ Killings, Gowhar Was Doing The Cricket Waltz

Why do I call Gowhar Geelani a spin doctor and a stooge of Pakistan? On October 7, two teachers were killed in a terrorist attack at a government school in Sangam Eidgah area of Srinagar. The sheer brutality of the attack reverberated through the Valley. One could feel the trauma and distress in the air. Everyone who got to know of the killings knew instantly that the directive had come from ISI, Pakistan. Gowhar couldn’t annoy his masters by lashing out at the attack. He pretended that the gruesome attack has not happened. As Kashmir grieved, Gowhar stayed busy doing the cricket waltz. He put out one tweet after another, dishing out advice to Pakistan cricket team. It was sickening. Full marks from ISI Pakistan for Gowhar Geelani. He tried his best to shift attention from the deplorable attacks. It is another thing his antics failed.


Gowhar Geelani’s tweets reveal his seething anger against the state. One can fathom the reason for it. On August 31, 2019, Gowhar was detained at the international airport in Delhi. He was not allowed to fly to Bonn, Germany following a tip-off from Intelligence Bureau. Gowhar said he was going there for a professional assignment. At that time, Gowhar had told a news portal, “I am a published author, broadcast journalist, television analyst and political commentator. Last month, my book Kashmir: Rage and Reason was released by Rupa Publications. I do not understand what unknown crimes I have committed for which I was denied my right to employment, right to travel, and the right to free speech.” People like Gowhar Geelani hold the state to ransom on the right to free speech. Gowhar has never used his free speech to denounce Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. One can discern through his writings that he is firmly in the Pakistan Fan Club. Perhaps Gowhar may like to study the history of free speech and the experiences of the journalist fraternity in his La La Land Pakistan.

Your Glorify The Gun For Sons Of Poor Kashmiris. Why?

Last year, Dr. Noor Ul Owase Jeelani, a son of the soil and a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, was part of a successful surgical feat with Israeli doctors. His proud uncle, Srinagar resident Javid Iqbal announced on Twitter: “World-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Noor Ul Owase Jeelani being my nephew is incidental, his outstanding surgical and above all humanitarian feat reported by international media deserves a loud applause”. Javid also has other laurels to his credit. After working in Iran for about 40 years, he returned to Kashmir some years ago. He constantly instigated and provoked young Kashmiris for “jihad against infidels” with gusto. Through his writings, fierce speeches and presentations, he inflamed passions among the local youth to take to arms and fight the “oppressor”. I was present at the conference where Javid was with his cronies and he loudly declared: “We will perish but not surrender!” Why is Javid’s example relevant here? Javid’s children are engaged in lucrative careers internationally. Did even a single member of his clan take to militancy for the so-called fight for Kashmir? No. A similar question must be posed to Gowhar Geelani, Ahmer Khan, Aakash Hassan, Muzamil Thakur, Ghulam Mohd Safi, Shaista Safi, Zahid Safi, and others of their ilk. Has even one member of your clan picked up the gun and joined militancy in the name of Kashmir? No. All of you are Pakistan stooges, making big money in the name of Kashmir. Your children will always get education in the best educational institutions. You will always encourage your children to build flourishing careers and realize their dreams. But for the sons of the poor Kashmiris, you glorify extremism. You rationalize their picking up the gun. You deepen Pakistan’s destructive narrative in Kashmir. Why? By giving intellectual support to terrorism, you are fanning the fires lit by Pakistan in Kashmir. This is your hypocrisy. By fuelling the bloody conflict, terror apologists like you are destroying generation after generation in Kashmir. Have you ever paused to realize this unfortunate truth? The sons of the poor are burning in these fires. They are dying so that your charade can continue.


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