Terror Pawns : Journalist Working as OGW for Terrorist Group Exposes Kashmir’s Dark Realities


In early August 2021, Adil Farooq, a sub-editor with CNS, a Kashmir news agency, was arrested in Lal Chowk with two grenades. Adil is suspected to be one of the accused in the August 10 grenade attack in which about 15 people were injured.

The incident reflects the dark realities of Kashmir. An overground worker of a dreaded terrorist organization was operating in the garb of a journalist in an area under heavy surveillance and manned by CRPF troopers 24X7.

Adil Farooq is a prime example of terror module inside the security picket.

Those who had decried Adil’s arrest in 2019 actually encouraged him to continue to preach and practice a radicalized ideology. Men like Adil are being conveniently used as terror instruments by anti-India camps and Pakistan’s strategic assets in Kashmir and globally.


February 2019

Adil Farooq, a student of Journalism at the Central University of Kashmir is arrested. He is booked under Public Safety Act (PSA) on charges of working as an overground worker of terrorists. Adil has been helping terrorists with the smuggling of weapons to surpass security checks. He is also a courier for Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), and is in touch with terrorists. He is kept under arrest at Kot Balwal jail in Jammu.

Police Dossier on Adil

The dossier exposes Adil’s links with terror organization Lashkar-e-Taiba and several terrorists associated with the group. It states that Adil met various terrorists and developed a militant ideology.

He established a link with Hurriyat leader Bilal Gani Lone, under whose instructions he remained proactive in instigating the same ideology amongst the people and youth of the area. Adil had liaison with a terrorist named Mohd Ayoub Lone, alias pilot of banned terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and his other terrorist associates. He was aware of the topography of the area. He helped terrorists with safe transportation of arms and ammunition through unconventional routes and away from security forces

Brouhaha Over Adil’s Arrest

Terror apologists describe Adil’s arrest as an onslaught on freedom of media and freedom of expression. So-called “liberal-secular” media rushes to absolve Adil Farooq of charges that he has been supporting terror networks. The so-called repression by the state is widely decried by anti-India camps. Pressure is sought to be built to honorably release the over-ground worker of a terror organization. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq condemns Adil’s arrest and claims that the man has been falsely booked under PSA.

April 2020

Adil is released. Some months later, Adil joins CNS, a major news agency of Kashmir as a sub-editor.

‘DSP Khrew Gave Green Signal for Adil’s Appointment’

KZINE spoke to Rashid Rahie, owner of CNS News Agency regarding Adil’s re-arrest by the police.

Sir, what your comments on the arrest of your sub editor Adil Farooq, who was recently held with two grenades?

Adil was outwardly the same as other employees in the agency. His interaction with us was limited only to the office. His behavior did not reveal that his intentions could be harmful to the society. Even parents of such elements are not able to judge whether their child is choosing the wrong path. How could we imagine that he would indulge in such activities?

Were you aware of Adil’s past history, that he was booked under PSA in 2019 on charges of supporting terror networks and helping the militants in transporting arms and ammunitions?

Initially, we were unaware of this fact. As soon we got to know about the PSA, we verified his character and behavior after his release from jail. The concerned Deputy Superintendent of Police of Khrew sent his positive comments about Adil’s behavior. He verified to us that Adil had not indulged in any activity that could prove harmful to society. Additionally, we also enquired about his activities and intentions from the concerned Army officer from Khrew. The officer also gave us a green signal.

How long has Adil been working in your agency? What is his role?

Adil has been working with us for six months on a paid internship.


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