The Hypocrisy Of Dr Javid Iqbal, And Time For Us To Wake Up


It was a proud moment for the Kashmiris recently. Dr Noor Ul Owase Jeelani, a son of the soil and a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, helped a team of Israeli doctors to separate a new born pair of twins conjoined at the head. The operation was successful. It is hoped that the twins shall live a normal life.

Dr Jeelani works at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. KZINE congratulates Dr Jeelani on achieving this feat and wishes him many more successes in future.I was amused to see on Twitter the comment of Dr Javid Iqbal who worked in Iran for about 40 years and returned to Kashmir in his veteran years only to instigate and provoke young Kashmiris for “Jihad against infidels”.

Dr. Iqbal wrote on Twitter: “World-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Noor Ul Owase Jeelani being my nephew is incidental, his outstanding surgical and above all humanitarian feat reported by international media deserves a loud applause”. Agreed. Dr. Jeelani genuinely deserves loud applause. Dr. Javid is the proud uncle of Dr. Jeelani. I congratulate Javid on the success of his nephew.

That said, I take this opportunity to expose Javid’s duality and hypocrisy. Javid served Iranian society for 40 years. His children were brought up there. I expect that they shall be engaged in lucrative careers, and perhaps working abroad. This hypocrite, Dr. Javid, through his writings, fierce speeches, and presentations rose passions among the local youngsters to take on to arms and fight the “oppressor”. Dozens of Kashmiri youth may have picked up guns and died because of his highly charged, emotive writings. I was at a meeting with Dr. Javid and his cronies when he loudly declared: “We will perish but not surrender!” I want ask one simple question to this hypocrite: Whom is he calling out to perish when his family members are earning name and fame abroad? Considering he himself is in his golden years and may not come out on the streets to perish, he leaves only the budding Kashmiri youth to perish. Right Dr Javid?

This shameless hypocrite would spend days and nights in fueling unrest in Kashmir at the cost of the lives of innocent youngsters. All this when his own children including those of his brothers and sisters are flourishing in peaceful countries abroad. This is how these terror apologists have destroyed Kashmir. They made fortunes wherever they wanted to. They fuelled the bloody conflict and made fortunes from it. The poor had to pay for this evil, and the sons of the poor had to die for it.

If we still don’t wake up to call out the bluff of the likes of Javid Iqbal, we are doomed to perish.  Something Dr Javid Iqbal will celebrate, I guess.


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