The Passport Con – Part II


Kashmir’s Great Security Rip Off 

Misguided Youth Went To Pakistan On Indian Passports To Become Jihadis

CID Kashmir Willy Nilly Enabled It

The Enemy Has Intruded The System On Our Watch

Many startling truths are coming to light with regard to Kashmiri youth going to Pakistan on the Indian passport and with legal travel documents to join jihad. The impropriety of issuing travel documents to a section of youth influenced by extremist ideology has shocked the top echelons of the establishment.

Security agencies have got credible inputs that 13 terrorists are waiting at the Kail launching pad of Lashkar e Toiba. This is opposite the Machchil sector on the other side of LOC. Highly credible sources have revealed to KZINE that five among these 13 terrorists are Kashmiri men. Astoundingly, these men had gone to Pakistan through Wagah border on the Indian passport. The Kashmiri men who are waiting at the Kail launching pad to infiltrate into India have been identified. KZINE has learned that the Lashkar e Toiba (LET) handlers in Pakistan are trying to push in the group of 13 terrorists. They shall not be carrying arms. The ammunition for their use shall be dropped by drones.

The top echelons of the security forces in Kashmir are shocked to learn that at least 60 militants who crossed back after receiving jihadi training from Pakistan had used legal travel documents to go there. They crossed over to Pakistan through Wagah border on the Indian passport. Most of them had stated the reason that they were going to Pakistan for professional courses. Security forces have learnt that these men straight went to the terrorist camps for receiving arms training.

The men who used legal documents and infiltrated back with arms have been identified by security agencies. These are the names of some of them:

  1. Jameel Sheir Gujri, resident of Naaz Colony, Bandipora (Active)
  2. Abid Rehman, resident of Talangam Pulwama (Active)
  3. Umar Lone, resident of Wusan Pattan (Active)
  4. Anayat- ullah-Sheikh, resident of Ramnagri Shopian. Active since 28/02/2018, eliminated on 27/03/2021
  5. Sheikh Altaf Bhat, resident of Galan Bandipora. Eliminated on 011/08/2021
  6. Kaiser Manzoor, resident of Galan Bandipora. (Eliminated)
  7. Abid Rashid Dar, resident of Papchan Bandipora .(Active)
  8. Abid Qayoom, resident of Ander Gam Pattan (Active)
  9. Haris Rafiq Parray, resident of Patushai (Active)
  10. Gulzar Ganie, resident of Wusun Pattan (Active)

According to intelligence agencies, the number of indoctrinated youth who went to Pakistan from 2016 to 2020 on legal documents is a cause of serious alarm. Defense experts predict random use of low intensity explosive devices by Lashkar e Toiba in the coming days. This shall be addressed by KZINE in detail in a subsequent edition.

Security agencies confirmed to KZINE that the number of youth who have gone to Pakistan on valid travel documents is more than 55. In the previous edition of KZINE, we had stated that the number of such youth stood at 42. Security experts describe the trend as alarming.

Talking to KZINE, a senior police officer who did not want to be identified said that the crossing over of some youth to Pakistan for arms training on legal documents could not be seen as breach of security. He said that profiling of individual applicants by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) should not be seen as a breach of security. The officer said that profiling by CID is done in case of suspects who are involved in subversive activities. “There is no profiling of a fresher who applies for passport. We usually seek report from field officers and accordingly compile adverse or favorable report and forward the same to the concerned authority,” he said.

This argument is unconvincing. Even after the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution, many known adversaries of the state were allowed to leave the country. This too could be deliberate. Why and how were these adversaries allowed to leave the country only to propagate anti-India narratives on foreign soil.

A senior police officer of Kashmir said that the passport con could be among the biggest scandals of the decade. He said that the matter should be seriously investigated in order to fix the responsibility for such a major fraud. 

Pakistan Has Made Kashmir A War Zone

Did CID Become Negligent In Kashmir?

A section of top police officers admit that there were lapses on part of the officers of the Crime Investigation Department officers in verifying the credentials of the people seeking passports. “How can one claim that there were no lapses. The fundamental question is that of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. We know that Pakistan has strategic assets in Kashmir. These men and women stay engaged in indoctrinating young minds. Simultaneously, they are engaged in a vicious campaign to mislead and misguide the youth, and put them on war path. Under such circumstances, the people at the helm of affairs, particular in CID have to tread very carefully,” said another senior police officer. “No doubt there has always been pressure from the political bosses, and we are under compulsion to oblige them. But we cannot absolve ourselves from our responsibilities,” the officer said. He added that at the end of the day, it is the officer in charge who is accountable to the system. Politicians for petty political interests take the system for a ride. They appeal on behalf of anyone who approaches them. But it is the officer in charge who has to decide on the merits of a particular case, said the senior cop. He recalled the times when the ruling class would force the police officers to do illegitimate and unlawful acts. “This does not mean that the politicians can do whatever they want to do. There is a system in place and where bound to adhere to the system. Secondly we have an enemy who has intruded into the system. In such a scenario we need to be extra vigilant in deciding a particular case,” the officer said.

During earlier discussions, some top police officers had stated that 80,000 passports were issued between 2016 and 2020. If this information is correct, it is indeed unprecedented. Said the top police officer, “One can presume that the lapses in the verification of the credentials of the applicants were deliberate. The matter warrants a thorough investigation. As an immediate measure, the government must profile all those who had been issued passports during the last four years, the officer said.

After Passport, The Visa: Elaborate Hoodwink?

The passport is not a travel document by itself. The misguided men who went to Pakistan for jihadi training got the visa through some pliable official at the centre. The question is – how was visa granted so easily for scores of men who went on to join jihadi camps in Pakistan. This is alarming.

Pakistan Visa For Training In Jihadi Camps

Bukthyar Ahmed Malla, son of Mujeeb-ul-Rehman. Malla, resident of Arigam went to Pakistan on a valid passport. He was provided the address of Khanapul, Rawalpindi. After reaching there, he was taken for jihadi training to some unknown place. He was trained in handling weapons like AK-47, pistol, grenades etc. Malla was detained at Wagah border on the basis of inputs received from the police. He was accompanied by other terrorists, but they were not known to him.

Mallah crossed over to Pakistan on an Indian passport, and also came back on the Indian passport. There have been many more such instances where the youth movement to jihadi camps was allowed to take place. These youth took the visa and travelled to train at Pakistan’s jihadi camps. These men then conveniently came back from Wagah, since they were carrying valid documents.


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