The Red Harvest Of Aadillah Bano 


Govt School Teacher at Liver in South Kashmir is OGW For Hizb

Is In Regular Touch With Top Hizb Commander In Pakistan
The dismissal of government servants found guilty of working against the interests of the nation and their subsequent termination under Article 311 A (C) of the Constitution of India has evoked mixed response from the people. There is growing opinion that people who worked against the interests of the state have absolutely no right to enjoy the benefits of the state including the perks and privileges that come with their position. Some even go the extent saying that India is the only country in the world where the adversaries of the state who are directly working for destabilizing and disintegrating the nation are enjoying the benefits of the normal citizenry of the state. Those who hold this opinion often quote the instance of Syed Salahuddin, supreme commander of the proscribed Hizbul Mujahedeen as a typical case study. It is highly interesting that all five children of Syed Salahuddin are government employees with high salaries, incentives, free healthcare, free housing, other perks and priviledges and assured pension benefits. One of Salahuddin’s sons was among the persons who were recently dismissed from services by invoking Article 311 A(C). There is another point of discussion among people regarding the invoking of Article 311 of the Constitution. People commonly believe that the real culprits are yet to be touched. One of the individuals who is discussed as a case study in this regard is Aadillah Bano, a government school teacher from Liver village in Srigufwara tehsil, Anantnag district.
Who is Aadillah?
Aadillah Bano is the daughter of Ghulam Mohammad Khan of Liver village. She was born in 1975. Aadillah belongs to a family which has a strong Jamaat-e-Islami background. Aadillah grew up in a radicalised environment. She was in a relationship with her cousin Nisar Ahmad Khan. In 1990, Nisar went to Pakistan. He returned in October 1991. In 1993, Aadillah got married to Nisar, who was now an active militant. Aadillah joined Dukhtaran i Millat, which is ideologically the first cousin of Jamaat e Islami. Aadillah remained in hiding with her militant husband for more than three years. Aadillah had two distinctions. Rather, she set a precedent in two ways. Aadillah was the first reported case in Kashmir where a woman married an active militant. Second, she was the first woman – in Anantnag district for sure – who carried arms. During those years, Aadillah would only surface for giving sermons to women in mosques or other designated places. She was always carrying a pistol with her. In 1997 her husband Nisar got killed in brief encounter at his native place. Nisar was the younger brother of Ghulam Nabi Khan alias Amir Khan, a Kashmiri who is among the top commanders of Hizbul Mujahideen. Aadillah has two daughters from Nisar. After he was killed, she got into a relationship with Ghulam Rasool Bhat of Khiram village and married him in 2002.
Bhat managed to get Aadillah appointed as an ReT teacher in December 2004. She was regularised as a Grade 2 teacher in December 2009. When Aadillah was appointed, she had only passed Class XII. Later through distance education, she did graduation, masters and B.Ed. Aadillah is presently posted at Middle School Liver as a Grade 2 teacher. Her pay is drawn from Higher Secondary School, Srigufwara. Aadillah continues to indoctrinate women and remains a strong advocate of establishing the Caliphate in Kashmir. Ghulam Rasool Bhat was the administrator of Hizbul Mujahideen from 1991 to 1993. He was closely associated with three top Hizbul Mujahideen commanders of that time – Amir Khan, Amin Baba alias Abid Baba and Abu Bakar. Bhat got appointed as a peon (a Class1V employee) through. Later through JKSSB, he was appointed as a Naib Tehsildar in 2004.
KASHMIR CENTRAL has been informed by reliable sources that Adillah talks frequently to Amir Khan. Aadillah uses the number registered in the name of one Yawar Ahmad Mir, son of Gulzar Ahmad Mir of Liver village for communication with Amir Khan. Sources privy to these conversations told KASHMIR CENTRAL that Yawar Mir often visits Aadillah and offers her his number so that she can speak to Amir Khan through different social media platforms. Sources say that among other things, Aadillah regularly briefs Amir Khan regularly about the security scenario of the area.


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