The System Reset

As per the Department of Education, the previous lacunae in their transfer policy has been
reviewed, renewed and made comprehensive for the smooth functioning of the department.

by Bisma Nazir 

THE streamlining of the education department – known for its inherent lacunae – has been initiated, and massively. The government has come out with an elaborate and an exhaustive transfer policy after many brainstormings with the stakeholders. The
policy has been meticulously framed in order to avoid any kind of misgiving and confusion.
Though policies were framed earlier too, but could not see the light of day because of compulsions and compromises at the administrative level. The current transfer policy seems to have addressed allthe issues which itself speaks about the commitment and dedication behind its implementation. The policy, no doubt, has been framed on the basis of the inputs and feedback from all the stakeholders and that is precisely why
the policy is comprehensive and warrants compliance.

Mr. Alok Kumar, IRS Principal Secretary Education Department Jammu and Kashmir

The transfer policy for employees of the school education department issued under government Order No 103-JK (Edu) of 2023, dated April 24, 2023 reads: “In order to address the concerns of employees of the School Education Department pertaining to personnel administration, while fulfilling the primary objective of the department
i.e., to provide quality education to the students, transfer policy for effecting transfers in the department is hereby notified”. While speaking to Kashmir Central, Alok Kumar
(IRS), principal secretary, Department of Education, said that the policy had been framed and notified thereof after careful and deep analysis. “It was imperative to first identify and fix the problems, lacunae and deficiencies in the education system. It took us time to holistically review the functioning of the department. Remedies are suggested after
diagnosis. We fixed the problem first and then framed a comprehensive transfer policy,” said he. However, he added, that the transfer policy was purely an arrangement for efficient functioning of the education department. He said that it was a departmental exercise and should be implemented in letter and spirit. “It is not an order which, in any
manner, violates the fundamental rights. It is only about duties and responsibilities, about improving the work culture in schools and inculcating the culture of accountability among employees,” pointed Kumar, adding that the primary objective was to provide quality education to children. This correspondent also spoke to Director, School Education, Kashmir, Dr Tasaduq Hussain Mir, KAS. Mir gave a detailed presentation on the transfer policy. He said that the government had created zones within districts, on the basis of which, transfers would be effected. He said: “We have created five zones in all, taking into account the geographical and topographical conditions and physical distances in each district. He said: “In the frontier districts of Kupwara, Bandipora and Baramulla, we have created five zones each. Zone 1 covers the educational institutions within the municipal limit of the district headquarter. Zone 2 falls outside the municipal limit up to 20 kms from the district headquarter; Zone 3 is beyond 20 to 40 kms from the district headquarter; Zone 4 is created beyond 40 kms and above from the district headquarter where change of residence is required. Those schools where there is no motorable road and the walking distance from the motorable road is 7 kms or more, one way. Zone 5 covers the inaccessible areas in the UT of J&K. Karna sector, Keran, Machil and Trehgham in Kupwara district fall under Zone 5. Gurez in Bandipora district falls under Zone 5; likewise Aishmuquam and Uri fall under Zone 5 in district Anantnag and Baramulla respectively. The Education Director said that a complete e-database on transfer/postings of employees for effective implementation of transfer policy has to be maintained. He said that the transfer policy had made it mandatory that all transfers be made through online mode via online transfer portal for which the department shall issue notification every year at the end of the academic session and such process shall be completed before the commencement of a new academic session. However, on administrative exigencies, offline transfers could also be effected with the approval of the competent authority. Giving further details in regard to the policy, Tasaduq said that;

Dr. Tasaduq Hussain Mir KAS,DSEK

I. Zones I, II and III shall ordinarily be three (03) years, at a particular school.

II. Zones IV and V shall ordinarily be two (02) years and one (01) year respectively, at a particular school.
However, the mentioned tenure shall not be applicable to an employee who is willing to
serve/continue in Zones III, IV and V. Tasaduq said that the objective was to streamline
the functioning of the education department, have a uniform teacher-pupil ratio in the schools across Jammu and Kashmir, improve the learning process, impart quality education to the students and last but not the least, eradicate nepotism, favoritism and corruption.
He said that the policy would be implemented in letter and spirit, leaving no scope for corrupt practices. Answering a question, Tasaduq said there were special provisions for special considerations for effecting transfers under extraordinary situations; such as both husband and wife are in government service, they may be /posted conveniently as far as practicable, the employees attaining the age of superannuation, employees in the age group of 58 years and above, single parents, divorcees, widows and employees having specially-abled children, physically challenged employees.


Managing Editor Kashmir Central Bisma Nazir with DSEK

Tasaduq said that for every single transfer, the candidate has to give online representation.
Employees seeking transfer on medical grounds, marriage grounds, security grounds – all should apply online along with documentary proof as prescribed in transfer policy. He said that eligible employees not applying for transfer despite having mature stay shall be transferred by the department anywhere as per the requirement of the department.


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