The Weekly Kashmir Central is organising a day long youth Conclave in Baramulla on Tuesday



Srinagar: The weekly Kashmir Central is organising a day long Youth Conclave.

An exclusive, Intellectual and Academic discourse is scheduled on October 17th – 2023 at Kashmir University’s North Campus Delina Baramulla from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm.

The following themes shall form the format of day long discussion:

1. Innovative Pedagogies and N.E.P

Revitalizing our Education System

The call for Comprehensive Reforms

2. Preserving our cultural Heritage / Identity

Nurturing the roots of Kashmiri culture through Sufi Traditions

Fostering interfaith Contact.

Academics, policy analysts and thought leaders from across the Vally shall converge and share their knowledge and experience. Renowned and acclaimed Academics of Kashmir Valley are the most important stakeholders in the Conference.


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