The woe of silence


PLAGUED by crimes of a heinous nature which were unthinkable till the recent past, Kashmir is no more a safe place, essentially for women, children and the elderly. Drug addiction and trafficking are considered a major cause behind a criminal mindset. Yet, our society is mute to the challenge and is maintaining criminal silence.

Like it or not, the Kashmir society is following the same old analogy of muteness on the rising crime rate. It remained silent and didn’t resist the civilian killings by the militants in the past. The net result was that militants went on a killing spree for decades and there was none to raise a voice against gut-wrenching incidents of civilian killings. The subjective and selective condemnation by the political class licensed the militants with civilian killings.

The same analogy is being followed here in the case of drug-addiction and trafficking. There is complete silence. The religious preachers would talk about anything and everything on earth and beyond but they would not utter a word on drug menace and the growing crime thereof.

Kashmir is plagued by drugs, stabbing incidents, murders, abductions, sexual assault of minors, theft, burglaries and more. Once considered crime-free, it’s now witnessing an unprecedented rise in crime and yet there is no reaction to this emerging challenge which has the potential to completely destroy the Valley forever. Instead, the rising crime rate in Kashmir is conveniently attributed to the growing unemployed to pass the buck. There is no denying that unemployment is growing, rather surging. But unemployment, however, is remotely linked to the drug trafficking and abuse. We are again committing a blunder by attributing everything to the growing unemployment.

The surge in all kinds of crimes, to my understanding, is because of the easily available drugs. We have come across some cases where well-employed and well-earning people are also taking drugs. The reason: there is no naming and shaming from the society, no resistance and absolutely no collective response.

Only God can save us.


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