Whether intelligence agencies warn of attacks on soft targets or not, the fact is that the threat is always there for those who are somehow seen not aligned with the ideology of terrorists. Even when there are no intelligence intercepts or inputs, militants strike as and when they find a target. It is strange that police and security forces sound the alert only after receiving such information of possible attack on soft targets.

It is known to one and all that those who are ideologically or professionally against the ideology of terrorism could be targeted sooner or later because terrorizing people and spreading terror is at the core of the terrorism. Post the events of August 5, 2019, the non-local labour and members of the minority community are particularly targeted. This continues to be the pattern.

The militants have made their intentions clear, therefore the vigil has to be consistent. The state forces are under oath to protect the life and property of every peaceful and peace-loving citizen. It has been observed many times during the past that the subversive elements adopt diversionary tactics. The state forces need to be alert all the time while as the militants wait for a moment of breach. And that is just a moment.


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