Time to welcome more beauty!


THE success of the G-20 meet in Kashmir has opened floodgates of tourism while the Valley has been enjoying its status as a peaceful land.

G-20 was not just a random achievement; it presented an assurance of a new J&K to the outside world. The potential of tourism, investment and political stability was eventually accepted by the rest of the world.

Unlike the past, the atmosphere wasn’t disturbed by acts of violence from inside or across the Border. Even though the government had to cancel some of the planned destinations at the last minute for security reasons, the meet was essentially the one with a happy ending.

Now, with the announcement that the 71st Miss World 2023 contest is set to be held in Kashmir later this year with 140 countries participating, we have the G-20 meet held in May to thank! Kashmir indeed is a paradise on earth and a great place to host an event like Miss World.

After the annulment of article 370, the government has provided a roadmap to present Kashmir as a go-to-destination for global events. The Valley is embroidered with mesmerising mountains, serene waterfalls and has immense economic potential.

These global events will help Kashmir eradicate the menace of employment and the youth would find ways to channelise their creativity and effort and cultivate means of livelihood.

The time has come to see Kashmir as global host rather than the land of proxy terrorism. People have bid adieu to murderous insurgency and have sighed in relief. The business is on as usual and it must not stop now. And it’s time to get ready to welcome the Miss World pageant!


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