Whitewashing The Impact Of Terrorism Upon A Society


The Hoax By Editors Guild: There Is No Cross-Border Terrorism In Kashmir

Refusal to call terrorism by its name is the glorification of violence, bloodshed


The Editors Guild of India strongly condemns the arrest of Fahad Shah, the editor of the Kashmir Walla, on February 4, 2022, on the specious ground of “glorifying terrorist activities, spreading fake news & inciting general public for creating [law and order] situation,” as per a police statement post his arrest. Shah had been questioned four days earlier for his reporting ON A DEADLY POLICE RAID IN PULWAMA IN LATE JANUARY THAT LEFT FOUR PEOPLE DEAD.


The Indian Express, Jan 31, 2022
A top Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) militant commander was among five militants killed in two separate overnight gunfights in South Kashmir’s Pulwama and Central Kashmir’s Budgam, J&K police said on Sunday. JeM commander Zahid Ahmad Wani was active since 2017 and was involved in several attacks in South Kashmir, the police said. This subterfuge on the part of Editors Guild is strange. The media reports that five militants including a Pakistani national were killed in the police encounter. One of the militants was involved in several attacks in South Kashmir. Editors Guild chooses to state that “four people were killed in the police encounter”. The reader ignorant of the Pulwama encounter may assume that these “four people” may be innocent bystanders or passers-by. This deliberate erasure of the reality of terrorism has led to disillusion with august-sounding bodies like Editors Guild. The statement for Editors Guild has been put out by Seema Mustafa, president; Sanjay Kapoor, general secretary and Anant Nath, treasurer. In its press releases regarding Kashmir, Editors Guild is fond of using the word “specious”.  The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘specious’ as superficially plausible, but actually wrong. “Specious” is exactly what defines Editors Guild stand on Kashmir. Superficially plausible, but actually wrong.

The negation of terrorism by grand bodies like Editors Guild and by journalists like Fahad Shah and Gowhar Geelani is a matter of deep concern. The refusal to call terrorism by its name is glorification of violence and bloodshed. This is the so-called journalistic scholarship exhibited by these terror apologists. They whitewash the impact of terrorism upon a society. They gloss over the pain suffered by old parents whose young sons pick up the gun against the state and get killed in counter-terror operations. What is the messaging in this deliberate refusal by those manning Editors Guild and others of their ilk in denying the reality of terrorism? The messaging is that violence and militancy by the indoctrinated youth of Kashmir is rationalized. Vulnerable youth who are drawn to militancy are exonerated of their wrong choices in opting for bloodshed. Those heading these grand bodies and others of their ilk continue to live safe and secure lives. But in the name of journalism, they choose to act as terror apologists.

Central Media Accreditation Guidelines

May Help In Controlling Advocacy Of Fake Narratives Detrimental To State
Central Media Accreditation Guidelines 2022 put out by Press Information Bureau (PIB) state that accreditation may be suspended/withdrawn by the government if the journalist is charged with serious cognizable offence; acts in manner prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, etc.

The Caveat

We hope that the state shall not misuse the Central Media Accreditation Guidelines to push dissent to the margins or to suppress it. At the same time, these guidelines are a much-needed intervention in Kashmir. These guidelines may help in controlling the advocacy of fake narratives that detrimental to the security of the state. Under the new guidelines, the so-called journalists and human rights activists in Kashmir who build pseudo narratives to misguide the society shall be held accountable. These journalists and terror apologists keep their children in safe zones and secure high education and prosperous careers for them. On the other hand, they indoctrinate the Kashmiri youth and lead them to violent choices. As of now, any action by the government or the police against these terror apologists leads to brouhaha. With these new guidelines, the government may be able to control the circulation of deceptive and divisive narratives which damage the society.


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