Why JK Police Must Lead The Fight Against Terror


Global learning in the fight against terrorism has consistently established that militants are defeated most effectively and comprehensively by local anti-terror forces. J&K Police has the ability to win the war against terror because of its local connect, and local roots. The Army and the para-military forces can ably play the supportive role. The long-term fight continues to be the role of JK Police. The police leadership of Jammu and Kashmir has been able to lead the fight by building teams that have fought the terror ecosystem. Terrorism containment has two aspects. One is killing a terrorist. The other is building an atmosphere of goodwill. Both tasks have equal significance. J&K Police is conditioned to take challenges on both fronts. It has the ability to build connect with the local population, restore faith and confidence in the system. At the same time, the force has the competence to trace out the terrorists and neutralize them.

Wrong Political Policies Harmed The System

The policy of appeasement of the adversaries earlier followed by the state led to disastrous consequences. The political leaders had adopted the policy of reaching out to the adversaries or trying to appease them at all times. The political strategy was to accommodate the adversaries and seek their help in normalizing a troublesome situation. The adoption of this political mantra forced the police and civil officers to follow suit and execute these guidelines as state strategy. Over a period of time, a few officers developed vested interests in this strategy and used it for personal gains. A few corrupt elements across the bureaucracy, the police, and the military forces made appeasement of the state adversaries into a business.

The appeasement policy backfired and proved fatal for the state. Jammu and Kashmir must now continue to follow a clear-cut policy where do’s and don’ts are defined, and everything is in black and white. Grey spaces can be part of the political arena. In policing, all action must be in black and white. Counter-terrorism expertise from outside can significantly help. The most potent weapon of the terrorists is anonymity and the advantage of launching a surprise attack. The local leadership and the local policing networks remove one key element from this equation – surprise. The information network of the local policing forces enables the security grid to chart the movement of terrorists, and initiate action to eliminate further acts of terror. A basic truth is at play here. It is the Kashmiri mind which can outplay the Kashmiri mind. Nobody can outmaneuver the terrorists more than the local officers.

The Game Of Building Networks

Counter-terrorism is a game of building networks that provide actionable information. It enables the police to stonewall terror attacks. This is why the local police must be given leadership role to deal with the crises. They are able to create own assets locally in terms of a network and build bonds with the local population. These networks help in the identification of designated terrorists and the unorganized over-ground workers (OGWs), and track their movement to launch quick action when required.

The Charge of Arrogance

After the creation of the UT, a constant charge against the local bureaucrats and police officers is that they have become arrogant. This charge is leveled often by the politicians. This is true in many cases. Earlier the politicians who held positions of authority were arrogant. Now the bureaucrats and police officers who hold authority are arrogant. As long as delivery of services does not improve, for the common man the story largely remains the same.

Contribution of JK Police Is Beyond Measure

The contribution of JK Police in the service of the state is beyond measure. It is so huge that it cannot be measured or quantified. Officers and men of JK Police sacrificed everything for the nation. They continue to lead from the front in the fight against terror. JK Police has the ability and the mettle to take forward this fight for the state and deliver the right milestones every time. JK Police have ably fought the war against terror through effective policing and also through effective administration. It is essential to empower JK Police to achieve all that the force is capable of delivering and achieving in the fight against terror and in bringing back peace and stability to the region.


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