Women Moles In Shopian A Cause Of Concern

Provide Logistics Support To Militants, Ferry Weapons, Help In Their Movement

Bisma Nazir

Militants in the highly sensitive areas of south Kashmir operate essentially with
the support of women sleeper cells. It is vital for the administration to intensify
women policing in these areas to achieve greater success in busting the sleeper
cells which have active participation of women.
It has come to the fore that in Shopian district which is highly sensitive, the
militants mainly take support of women in providing logistics for transportation of
weapons and other requirements and tasks. The security agencies have come
across alarming instances where militants take support of women in ferrying
weapons from one place to another.
It has been observed that militants usually use private vehicles with women
accompanied by children, pretending to be a family. It is also revealed that in
trafficking of drugs, militants mostly use women with the advantage that they
cannot be frisked by men in uniform.

Talking to Kashmir Central, SP Shopian Ms Tanushree, IPS, confirmed that
militants in the district mostly take the support of women in the transportation of
weapons and for drug trafficking. SP Tanushree said that the security agencies are
facing a peculiar situation in Shopian district. Women moles are very active
throughout the district, providing logistics support to militants, facilitating their
movement pretending to be as family, transporting drugs and proving shelter.
SP Shopian said that it is morally and ethically difficult for the men in uniform to
go for frisking of suspicious women. “If we do not have women staff, we can only
frisk the males travelling in a private vehicle. Though the security situation has
improved phenomenally in the district, dealing with the women moles poses a
great challenge, particularly under the circumstances when we have an
insignificant number of women cops,” she said.
While replying to a question, SP Tanushree confirmed that mostly the widows of
slain militants and girls who are in relationship with the militants are involved in
subversive activities. She said that police has identified the women who are
providing mobile phones and other gadgets to the militants. Many women take to
these activities because they are paid to carry out these tasks.
“We have been able to contain militancy in the district. The number of fresh
recruits has gone down considerably. The general public is relieved by the marked
improvement in the law and order situation. The matter of concern is the support
provided to the militants by their women accomplices,” said SP Tanushree.
Responding to another question, SP Tanushree said that it is very important to
have increased number of women cops in the district to deal with the challenge of
women moles helping militant camps. “People are generally disillusioned with
militancy. It is losing public support with each passing day. To that extent we are
satisfied. However the disturbing trend is the support that militants take from
women. They lure them with money and also form intimate relationships. In
return, they seek the support of women in highly dangerous ways,” SP Shopian

Drug Peddling

When asked about drug peddling, SP Shopian said that Watchi area bordering
Pulwama and Anantnag districts is marked by drug trafficking. “This belt was
initially into cannabis cultivation. Now some people from the same area are
involved in the trafficking of heroine,” said SP Tanushree.
The police is facing a problem in keeping a tight check on drug peddling in the
area due to jurisdiction issues. SP Tanushree said that drug peddlers belonging to
Shopian district operate in neighbouring Kulgam, Anantnag and Pulwama districts
and vice versa. “Though we have booked dozens of drug peddlers, the problem
persists essentially because of issues pertaining to jurisdiction.”
The drugs are mostly used for terror funding. Narco terror is an issue in Shopian
and neighboring districts. SP Shopian confirmed that for drug trafficking too, the
militants use women for safe passage. “We arrested many women operatives and
have booked them under relevant provisions of law. There are many more
women who are part of the narco terror network. We are keeping a close watch
on them and they will be soon behind the bars,” said the SP.
She noted that it is heartening to see women excel in many fields. Unfortunately,
we have some women in the district who are on the wrong path. We are firm and
committed to wipe them out so that they cannot contaminate the atmosphere.
The SP said she is proud to state that Shopian is second to none as far the women
emancipation is concerned. “Our girls are doing well in sports activities. We have
a good number of self-help groups. Women’s participation in developmental
works is increasing and literacy rate among girls is high. We are proud of the
achievements of our girls on all fronts,” SP Tanushree said.


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