Writeup by Abdul Aala Fazili, others in “The Kashmir Wala” magazine triggers state action  


Part of crack down on terror and anti-national network by State Investigation Agency, J&K

The State Investigation Agency, assigned with the duty of investigation and prosecution of terror-related cases in Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir has conducted searches at several locations in Srinagar on 17/04/2022.
The searches were conducted in connection with FIR No. 01/2022 u/s 13, 18 UA(P) Act read with sections 121, 124, 153 B, and 120-B IPC of Police Station JIC (SIA) Jammu, against the author of seditious article Abdul Aala Fazili and the Editor and other associates of monthly digital Magazine “The Kashmir Wala”. The article titled “The shackles of slavery will break” written by Abdul Aala Fazili and published in the Monthly Digital Magazine “The Kashmir Wala” on the one hand is highly provocative, seditious, and intended to create unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, written with the purpose of abetting the youth to take the path of violence by glorifying terrorism and on the other the write-up promoted and propagated the false narrative, which is essential to sustain secessionist cum terrorist campaign aimed at breaking the territorial integrity of India.
The article has used prescriptive language with instructional intent, encouraging secessionist elements to carry out terror activities. Some telltale excerpts reproduced here are: “On the occasion of Eid ul Azha, let us all pledge in the name of the blood of our martyrs and tears of mothers and sisters: that we shall always remember their sacrifices, that we shall never stop our struggle for freedom.” ” An informed commitment has transferred to the younger generation and they feel confident in continuing the struggle more creatively, courageously, and effectively towards liberation.” ” We may not have succeeded in chasing India out yet, but certainly we have succeeded in shaking their hold over Kashmir and creating ripples within their establishments.” “Success, my dear friends is not an event, it is a process – it is a path, which we need to tread on so that we reach our destination – freedom.” “There is no need to be in anxiety and despair about the success of our freedom struggle. I have this total and farthest belief; we will finally achieve freedom – Insha’Allah.” “All their (referring to GoI) investments seem to be going to waste, Alhamdulillah. This is the direct outcome of our valiant struggle, resilience, and sacrifices. We have given befitting responses to Indian political machinations and tyranny. This is a source of contentment and lets us feel encouraged to carry on the march for freedom with hope. Time to celebrate will follow – Insha’Allah.”
The repeated reference to freedom and terror outfit’s rhetoric makes it amply clear that the article is not merely propaganda. Rather, it is the articulation of Pakistan ISI and the vision of its sponsored terrorist secessionist networks. According to a statement issued here, Abdul Aala Fazili, BSc Bpharm, Mpharm (Pharmaceutics) is a Ph.D. scholar in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kashmir University. Government of India paid him Rs 30,000 per month for five years till March 2021 through UGC MANF (Maulana Azad National Fellowship) so that he can sustain himself and complete his PhD. which entitled him to earn Rs.30,000 per month.
The searches for the collection of evidence, by the sleuths of SIA of J&K were conducted in the Office of The Kashmir Walla a monthly digital magazine at Rajbagh, at the residence of Abdul Aala Fazili at main chowk Humhama and in the residence of Fahad Shah (Editor of the monthly digital magazine) at Soura Srinagar. The search teams have seized incriminating evidences, which includes material in computers, laptops and other digital equipments.


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