You go, girl!


You go, girl!

IN addition to gaining the right to vote in 1920, the ability to serve in the military with males in 1948, and the ability to get equal pay in 1963, women have made significant strides during the past 50 years.

Since 1969, women have made a significant impact on global political and legal systems, launched spacecrafts, and produced some of the most well-known music ever.

In order to achieve equity, India has been attempting to advance women in a variety of sectors. Women have made significant progress and have repeatedly shattered the glass ceiling while demonstrating their mettle in other industries. They have made significant progress in all fields, including politics, astronomy, science, and technology.

Recently, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jammu said that later this year, some 1,100 female students from several universities in Jammu and Kashmir will travel across the nation by train as part of a ‘College On Wheels’ programme. This will not be a vacation; it will be an instructive tour. The expenses for the educational trip won’t be paid by the students but covered by the administration. Two bogeys of the trains in which they will be travelling, will be transformed into libraries. This definitely is an achievement as in how far Jammu and Kashmir has come and how the administration is trying to boost the morale of women to see them achieve different heights and tackle the new world with newfound opportunities. The womenfolk of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered enough at the hands of terrorism; now it’s their time to flap new wings and achieve unimagined success. This opportunity will open doors towards progress for many brilliant women, especially those who could not otherwise make it to the outside world due to financial constraints. Now, they can compete with other on pure merit!


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