Zero Tolerance for Civilian Killings

Post abrogation of Article 370, the whole narrative of the central government is
around peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir. There is little scope for
any disagreement with the narrative because the achievements are visible on
several fronts. The level of violence has come down to almost zero and there is
complete normalcy in the streets of Kashmir.
There is also an appreciation of the LG administration among the common people
for the visible progress in many areas of development. However, any incident of
civilian killings is bound to invite criticism from the stakeholders and also raises
questions on the narrative of peace and normalcy. That is precisely why the
government, especially Home Minister Amit Shah, has time and again cautioned
and even warned the administration of the union territory of his intolerance
towards such incidents.

The Dangri incident in Rajouri district in which six civilians were killed by
unidentified terrorists has caused him much anguish. Senior security officials and
intelligence agencies have been reportedly taken to task by the home minister for
the alleged gap in security. Officers have been visiting Rajouri since the incident
and now the home minister is also visiting Jammu and Kashmir to take stock of
the security situation.
A single incident can nullify all the claims of normalcy and peace post-August 5,
2019, events. The home minister has reportedly, on many occasions at high-level
meetings, categorically stated his complete intolerance of civilian killings. Police
officers holding important positions in Jammu and Kashmir are conscious that any
incident of civilian killing could cost them dearly. District Superintendents of
Police are particularly in the line of fire. The Rajouri incident is seen as a potential
threat to the narrative that could lead to a situation where heads could roll.


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