Muzamil Thakur, Gh Mohd Safi, Zahid Safi Why Do You Make Kashmiri Youth Militants? Glib Talk, Slick Exterior, Devil’s Role In Kashmir

 Muzamil Thakur, you use pleasing words and slogans that the world loves to hear. Stand For Freedom. Stand For Free Speech. Stand Against Tyranny.

Here is what you wrote on Twitter. We don’t bend. We don’t bow. We certainly won’t surrender. @DrAsifMaqbool81 and I will InshaAllah continue on the path of the righteous, abiding by international law. Muzamil, how do you define Standing For Freedom? Hunting for vulnerable Kashmiri youth who can be led to violence is Standing For Freedom? Emotionally hounding gullible Kashmiri youth to join militancy is free speech? Giving money, pistols, free I-phones with international SIM cards to Kashmiri youth for targeted violence is freedom of action? “The path of the righteous. Abiding by international law.” Remember these words as you struggle to answer the following questions.


* Why do you pluck young Kashmiri youth out of their homes and lure them into militancy?

* Why do you hunt for Kashmiri youth who are just out of jail?

* Why do you prey on the financial insecurities of vulnerable Kashmiri youth?

* Why do you send pistols and I-phones with SIM cards from Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait,  Malaysia etc to Kashmiri youth?

* Why do you tell Kashmiri youth to hide these phones, and use them only for communication with you and your clique?

* Why did you keep track of violent boys in every district? Why did you always instigate them to become over-ground workers or militants? What did you gain from destroying their lives?

* The Kashmiris who stand up for peace, for end to conflict – why do you send their photographs to vulnerable youth, asking them to kill these Kashmiris?

* Why are you signing death warrants for children of poor Kashmiri parents? To ensure your riches forever?

Riches built on the graves of innocent, misguided youth will never bring you peace. It is time you are extradited to India, where law can take its course. Sitting abroad, you are making a mockery of international law with big words. Remember these words when international law shall finally catch up with you.

Thakur, Safi & Safi

Live Life Grand, Send Kashmiri Boys To Graves,  Push Kashmiri Youth Into Jihadi Network

Muzamil Thakur, Gh Mohd Safi and Zahid Safi. These three are among the top strategic assets of Pakistan to keep drawing the local youth into the folds of militancy. Speaking on public platforms in Pakistan and elsewhere, these three make sure that the grievances of the Kashmiris are forever manufactured anew. It’s a huge game being played by Pakistan in which Kashmiri lives hold no value. Muzamil, Gh Mohd Safi and Zahid Safi are willing and happy players in this game.

Muzamil Ayub Thakur is UK-based man and of Kashmiri origin. He was recently booked by JK Police under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for his anti-India activities on social media. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Muzamil’s role in recruitment for the jihadi networks is being studied by the security agencies. Muzamil Thakur wears the terror charge as a badge of honour. Sitting in London and enjoying the good life, Muzamil proudly declares on his Twitter handle, ‘Charged Under UAPA’. Here is something else that Muzamil declares on his Twitter handle. Born in Exile, Live in London, Heart in #Kashmir. Muzamil, if your heart is in Kashmir, it is a very black, a very cruel heart. It takes men with deeply cruel hearts to pluck innocent boys out of their homes, mislead them in the name of religion and jihad, give them the lure of money and turn them into Over Ground Workers or militants.

Muzamil is not alone in manufacturing militants in Kashmir. He is helped by his father-in-law Ghulam Mohd Safi and also by Zahid Safi, both of Kashmiri origin. Safi and Safi have been living in Pakistan for decades. Both have played a stellar role in driving Kashmiri boys into militancy, engaging them as hybrid killers or as Over Ground Workers. Zahid Safi is the cousin of Gh Mohd Safi’s wife. For Muzamil, Gh Mohd and Zahid, stoking militancy in Kashmir is family business.

Collecting Billions In The Name Of Supporting Kashmir

Muzamil is the son of Dr Ayub Thakur of Shopian. Ayub Thakur was bankrolled by Pakistan. He collected millions of dollars from agenda-driven individuals in Islamic countries and other affluent nations worldwide in the name of Kashmir. Muzamil is now carrying forward this thriving business of making big money in the name of Kashmir with his wife Shaista Safi, daughter of Gh Mohd Safi. Gh Mohd Safi was a top Jamaat leader of Geelani’s school of thought. Around 1990, he gained notoriety after he raised the Pakistan flag in the main chowk of Sopore. Safi’s plan was to enter himself into the good books of ISI and project himself as a hero. After the police got after Gh Mohd Safi for raising the Pakistan flag, he ran off to Pakistan. ISI was happy with him, and Safi managed to establish himself in Pakistan. In January 2010, he was elected as the Convener of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) in Pakistan.

Ghulam Mohd Safi and Ayub Thakur

Ayub Thakur hailed from Shopian and Ghulam Mohd Safi from Baramulla. They were close associates while in Kashmir. Ayub Thakur moved from Kashmir to Saudi Arabia and then to England. With the blessings of ISI, Ayub Thakur created NGOs to ostensibly provide support to the Kashmiri people. For decades now, the NGOs have been bankrolled by ISI and have received funding in millions of dollars. The family business is continued by Ayub Thakur’s son. Gh Mohd Safi moved to Pakistan and monetized his Kashmiri identity. Ayub Thakur helped Gh Mohd Safi sell the anti-India propaganda in Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and other nations. Like Thakur, Safi also received funding in the name of supporting the people of Kashmir. Gh Mohd Safi has two daughters, Shabnam and Shaista. Shaista got married to Ayub’s son Muzamil. The couple live in London and are engaged in the family trade. Ayub Thakur and Gh Mohd Safi gave platforms to Muzamil in the Muslim nations and also in the western world to stay focused on the money making in the name of Kashmir.

Masterminds For ISI’s Kashmir Project

Tumhara Beta Militant, Mera Beta Doctor

Note this. Gh Mohd Safi pushed hundreds of Kashmiri youth into militancy or made them over ground workers for the terror network in Kashmir. He did not rope in his own children for the so-called fight for freedom.

Gh Mohd Safi has three children. His elder daughter Shabnam Safi works in a university in Pakistan. His younger daughter Shaista is an anchor for a news channel. His son Nazar Safi is a doctor. Shaista Safi and Muzamil Thakur’s constant endeavour is to use all online platforms to inflame and provoke Kashmiri youth against the state. Gh Mohd Safi’s son Dr Nazar Safi is also a doctor. Gh Mohd Safi’s prescription for the sons of ordinary Kashmiris is fight against the state, guns and jihad. His prescription for his own children is high education and lucrative careers. The formula is simple. Tumhara beta militant, mera beta doctor. His relative and close associate Zahid Safi has followed the same blueprint. Zahid did not get anyone from his family involved in militancy. Pakistan has a quota of 57 seats for Kashmiri students who want to do MBBS. Zahid accommodated the children of his family in the MBBS seats available in Pakistan. Most sons and daughters of even the extended family of Ghulam Mohd Shafi and also of Zahid Shafi are doctors, after having studied in Pakistan on the Hurriyat quota. Some are engineers.

How Zahid Safi Entered The Game

Ghulam Mohd Safi extensively helped Pakistan in strengthening the terror network in Kashmir. For this project, he also involved his wife’s cousin Zahid Safi. Zahid Safi was a kaandur, the traditional Kashmiri baker in Batapora, Sopore. Initially, Zahid Safi became a militant and joined Hizbul Mujahideen. Later, Gh Mohd Safi called Zahid to Pakistan. He initially engaged Zahid as his personal assistant. Later he introduced Zahid to top officers in ISI with whom he was in touch. Zahid Safi too monetized his Kashmiri identity in Pakistan. Now both of them undertake militant recruitment in Kashmir.

Muzamil, Safi & Safi Groom Hybrid Militants
Prey Upon Vulnerable Youth Give I-Phones With International SIM Cards, Pistols
Hit Lists, Targeted Violence

Through their local networks in every district, Muzamil Thakur, Gh Mohd Safi and Zahid Safi are constantly on the lookout for boys in Kashmir who have been involved in stone pelting and have been to jail. They connect with the boys when they are insecure and fill them with jihadi ideas. They especially search for vulnerable boys from poor families and instigate these boys against the system. They inflame the boys in the name of religion and provoke them to pick up the gun against the state for Kashmir’s “freedom”. Through their local networks, Muzamil, Gh Mohd and Zahid tell the boys that they don’t have to join any militant group. They can stay engaged with whatever activity they are pursuing. Simultaneously, these boys are given I-phones with international SIM cards.

The boys are told to hide the phone somewhere where no one can get to know of it. The boys are given specific instructions that the phone will not be used for any outside call. International SIM cards are provided so that these calls cannot be tracked. The boys are also given pistols so that they can carry out any targeted attack and then go back to their normal lives. These are the hybrid militant modules which have been found to be involved in crimes in Kashmir. These boys are sent photographs on their exclusive phone of the people they have to kill in Kashmir. ISI most targets those Kashmiris who are involved with the peace process in Kashmir in one way or the other. Through terror masterminds like Muzamil, Gh Mohd and Zahid, these plans are put into action.

Political Fronts Of Gh Mohd, Zahid Safi

Gh Mohd Safi and Zahid Safi have maintained political fronts in Pakistan to project that they are engaged with a so-called political movement. Their political activities are a façade. Both Gh Mohd and Zahid Safi are active militant recruiters and administrators of Pakistan’s terror networks in Kashmir. For the record, Zahid Safi is the leader of Azad Jammu and Kashmir chapter of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq-led Hurriyat Forum. Gh Mohd Safi is Convener of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has showered Gh Mohd Safi and Zahid Safi with riches for masterminding terror in Kashmir. They both have constructed palatial houses in National Police Foundation, Islamabad – one of the most posh areas of Pakistan’s capital city, and own a fleet of big cars. Both Gh Mohd and Zahid Safi are in direct contact with some top ISI officers. They milk their identity as Kashmiris. Pakistan promotes them both on various platforms and international forums as part of the sustained anti-India propaganda.

Why Is Muzamil Thakur Flaunting The Terror Case Against Him?

Why is Muzamil Thakur proudly proclaiming on his Twitter handle – Charged under UAPA? Because in a fake world, everything is a prop. Muzamil and co have used the terror case to launch a propaganda storm against India. With some British politicians who toe their line, Muzamil and Co are going all out against India, flaunting the terror tag as badges of honour. Pak cheerleaders are lionizing Muzamil Thakur and also Asif Dar. Both have been booked by JK Police. Muzamil and Asif Dar have emerged as bigger heroes for ISI. In the terror circles, their net worth has gone up. But they haven’t cornered all the gains. Muzamil now carries the tag of an international terror operator. This has dangerous connotations that Muzamil and ilk cannot ignore.

Ayub Thakur Was Ousted From Saudi Arabia

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir laid foundation of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) in 1977. IJT was led by Ayub Thakur on many occasions. According to a feature on Ayub Thakur in a Kashmir newspaper, by the early 1980s, the relationship between IJT and Jamaat-e-Islami began to strain. Jamaat leaders began to fear that IJT had been radicalized beyond “limits”. This created a rift between the two organizations. Jamaat wanted that IJT should act as its official student wing rather than an independent organization. There was disagreement among IJT leaders over this issue. The disagreement finally created a rift within IJT. Many top leaders of IJT refused to follow the diktat of Jamaat-e-Islami. Finally Jamaat disowned IJT and created its own student body. The student body initially took the shape of Islami Tehreek e Talaba. Finally it reincarnated itself as Islami Jamait Talaba.

The original IJT group including Ayub Thakur lost the support of the Jamaat. Their organization began to disintegrate. Jamaat-e-Islami disowned him. Ayub Thakur moved to Saudi Arabia, where he joined the Nuclear Engineering Department of King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah as Assistant professor. According to the feature on him in a Kashmir publication, the “Saudi administration wouldn’t allow him to have this romance with revolutionary politics, lest the youth of the Islamic Kingdom might also catch these germs and hence vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Kingdom”.  Ayub Thakur was directed by Saudi Arabia to leave the country. In 1986, Ayub Thakur went to London. With the blessings of Pakistan, Ayub Thakur continued his activities of collecting money in the name of Kashmir, sending it to the Geelani group and to Hizbul Mujahideen.

Ayub Thakur Did Not Make His Own Son A Militant

Ayub Thakur gave money to make thousands of young Kashmiri men as militants. But he did not make his own son a militant. Ayub Thakur’s son Muzamil Thakur pursued high education and joined Islamic Bank in London. Later Ghulam Mohd Safi persuaded him to leave the bank and take up the family business of collecting huge funding in the name of Kashmir and making Kashmiri boys militants. Gh Mohd Safi introduced Muzamil to the entire anti-India set-up in Pakistan and in other nations. Safi promoted his son-in-law on all international platforms. As part of these promotional activities, Muzamil also met Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. These activities of Muzamil Thakur are continuing till date. Muzamil Thakur and his wife collect money like beggars in the name of the orphans or the widows in Kashmir. A very small portion of this money reaches Kashmir. Meanwhile, they use all platforms available for instigating gullible and innocent Kashmiri youth against the state.

Muzamil Thakur’s Taste For Fine Cigars

When Muzamil Thakur visited Kashmir some years ago, the Kashmiris he met observed that he has a taste for highly expensive cigars. Those who were with him were astounded to see that his expenses on cigars in a single day run into several thousands. Muzamil can afford these cigars because of the heavy funding he collects from Muslim nations and also from the Western world in the name of Kashmiris.

Vulnerable, Gullible Youth Systematically Trapped

Through terror circuits in every district of Kashmir, Muzamil Thakur, Gh Mohd Safi, and Zahid Safi search for families in which any militant may have died. Or they look for houses where militants may have hidden, and the house may later have been damaged in counter action by the security forces. They seek complete details about the number of boys in that family. Their effort is to cultivate one or more boys from the family in the name of revenge and drive him into the OGW network or militancy. The boys are lured with financial support and with promises of more gains if they are able to yield the desired results. They are also trapped emotionally.


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