Zahid Safi Glorifies Death For Sons Of Poor Kashmiris


Own Children In White Collar Jobs

This is the terror machine which you and your ISI masters operate, Zahid. You draw vulnerable Kashmiri youth into militancy. You promise them “eternal paradise”. You use big words when they sacrifice their lives for your devil’s agenda for Kashmir. If you glorify sacrifice of life so much, why are your children and the children of Ghulam Mohd Safi engaged in white-collar professions? Why aren’t they in their “beloved homeland”? Why aren’t they available for the “great and noble cause”?

The children of your brothers and sisters are in Kashmir. They study, pursue their careers and lead happy lives. As they should. Then why have you made it the burden of the poor Kashmiri man that his son should engage in jihad? Why don’t you encourage the children of ordinary Kashmiris to pursue their dreams and seek prosperity and happiness? Why do you give them the gun to kill and die? You say you want to make Kashmir “the cradle of Islam”. Is this the way you will make Kashmir the cradle of Islam, by leading blooming youngsters to their death? You, Gh Mohd Safi, Muzamil Thakur and others like you will have to answer these questions one day.

Press Release By Zahid Safi, leader of POK Chapter of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq-led Hurriyat Forum

Pays glorious tributes to Merajuddin Halwai who was martyred in Handwara

Zahid Safi while paying homage to Shaheed Merajuddin Halwai said that Mehraj sacrificed his life for a great cause. He was a brave Mujahid, this nation will always be proud of his martyrdom. Meraj-ud-Din Halwai, a resident of Sopore town…was always ready to do anything for great and noble cause. Meraj-ud-Din Halwai was crowned with martyrdom and lived in eternal paradise. Zahid Safi said that we pay homage to the martyr. He sacrificed his life for the freedom of his beloved homeland….Carrying funerals has become a daily routine. We hope that thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs, Kashmir will soon be free and the cradle of Islam.


  1. Great work.investigative journalism at its best.
    Would be more than enough if IAS officers of kashmir or working here and their great work done explained.


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