Muzamil Thakur, Safi And Safi Are The Saaya of Soyat Upon Kashmir


Tum Ne Banaya Merey Bhai Ka Maqbar 

 Muzamil Thakur. I know you will call all these charges as baseless, concocted. Gh Mohd Safi and Zahid Safi may use the same words. They may call all these facts as lies cooked up by JK Police or some security agency against the three of you. You may tell the world that these are lies. But the three of you know, and many many people in Kashmir know that everything written against you is correct.

I wish I had not known even your names. I wish I had never heard of you, my brother had never heard of you. Then my brother would still be alive and we would be living happily. Then Mouj would sing when she worked in the house or in the orchard, like she did before Bhai died. But Bhai is dead. And Mouj does not sing any more. She does not laugh any more. Bhai was only into kanni jung. He was not helping any militant groups. He was not a mujahid. He did not even know the consequences of kanni jung. He got into it with some older boys of our mohalla. And one day the police took him away. When he came back from the jail, he wanted to have nothing to do with kanni jung or anything like that. He wanted only to study and become something in life. But you got to know that he was in jail. You began to poison his mind.

From where did you get to know of Bhai? Why did you start calling him? You started giving money to Bhai to make videos of any victims of this conflict which has eaten up our life. You told him – you must make videos of pain. You must make the people cry. You must make the women and girls and children cry. You did not leave Bhai. You kept filling him with anger. Why? We are a poor Kashmiri family. What harm did we do to you? You are the saaya of soyat upon Kashmir. I wish Bhai had never listened to you. We kept crying and telling Bhai to stay away from you. But we don’t know what you did to his mind. One day Bhai ran away. He went and joined the mujahid. It seems that Mouj died the day he ran away. We became like orphans.

Then he died. Mouj was half dead after he left. Perhaps I would feel some peace if she cried some times. But she does not cry also. She is like stone. After that you never called us. You never tried to find out whether we are dead or alive. I wish Bhai had never of you. I wish we had never heard of you. You may say that all these statements against you are lies. But Allah shall punish you for our cries and our pain.


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