Dance Meri Rani


Dance Meri Rani

Naach Naach Naach Naach Meri Rani

Dance Meri Raaaani….

If you haven’t seen Nargis Majid dancing, you’ve missed out on something. Check out nargismajid67 on Instagram. And wait for some dancing magic to begin. If you can dance well yourself, so much the better. If you can’t, don’t fret. When Nargis flows through her moves like nectar and honey, it’s like you too are flowing. One cannot stop the admiration. One cannot control the awe. Oh Yes! I want to dance like Nargis Majid. And I want to watch her moves. Wow! In 2002, Shefali Jariwala of Mumbai became an overnight star after she danced to Kaanta Laga, the swinging number sung by Asha Bhonsle in the 1972 movie Samadhi. All would have forgotten about this song, but then Shefali Jariwala happened, and the song was blaring all across India. Nearly 20 years later, Nargis Majid achieves the daunting task of outdoing Shefali Jariwala with her moves. Nargis dance to Kaanta Laga in a short video clip on her Instagram handle in December 2021. Instantly, you knew that this girl can do Kaanta Laga 3.0 incredibly and make it a more fantastic watch. Well, wait for it. Nargis hasn’t rolled out the complete video yet.


Nargis, 20, is a dancing sensation of Srinagar. She is currently pursuing Bachelor in Arts from Amar Singh College. Nargis has done her schooling at New Convent School, Srinagar. Her hard work and persistence have been her biggest strengths. Her success journey is the perfect new-age example of “A Woman Can Achieve What She Sets Her Heart On’. Dance is clearly the young woman’s passion. “I discovered my love for dance when I was a child. I joined a local dance academy close to my house for two months, but I was not happy with their way of teaching. They used to teach only basics,” Nargis recalls. And so the journey began. Nargis started learning from YouTube channels and TV. “I began putting in my fullest efforts and worked hard to learn good moves. After I gained some confidence, I started uploading dance videos on the WeGO app and received a good response. Steadily, I started uploading content on Instagram and Youtube. I get highly motivated by the immense appreciation that I get on all social media platforms,” says Nargis.


Nargis has a large fan base in Kashmir now, and is a superhit on her Instagram and Youtube channels. She can perform Bollyhop (Bollywood and hip hop) and Salsa and wants to pursue her professional career in Bollyhop. Nargis has performed at major cultural events both in and outside Srinagar. Her debut performance was on the famous stage of Tagore Hall, Srinagar. She has also worked in many music videos with local productions and has done three music videos with Doordarshan Kashmir. It is highly creditable that Nargis has also made her mark in Bollywood. She has performed in a music video with ZEE Music under Renzufilms. Recently, she worked as an assistant choreographer in singer Afsana Khan’s song starring Gauhar Khan, and Zaid Darbar. Nargis has received high recognition locally and has received certificates of appreciation at many events of Kashmir like Aaberawan, Panaash Productions, Khwaja Itrat, Khatoon Event, Kashmere Foundation, SheriKashmir Production, and also from JKStudentorg.


With thousands of followers on her social media platforms, Nargis is a young star of Kashmir. She emphasizes that excellence in her chosen field did not come easy. “It takes a high level of discipline and self-confidence. Perseverance, willpower, hard work, and belief in oneself. I received mixed reactions from society. Some criticized me for my passion and some supported me. But success is always connected with faith in your own strength,” she says with clarity. Nargis highlights that dance as a career is a challenge in Kashmir. “We don’t have much scope for dance here, but production houses are gradually showing their interest when they see our talent. We lack in many facilities and we don’t have many events here, but things are getting better day by day,” she smiles.Nargis is fortunate to have received the complete support of her family. “My whole family believes in me, especially my dad, a forest officer. He was the one who first brought me to the dance academy after he noticed my interest,” Nargis recalls fondly. 


“If you don’t know where to learn dancing or you are not able to find any academy of your choice, do not lose hope. Make social media your teacher and your biggest platform. You can learn from the content there and upload yours as well,” says the young woman who is dancing her way to success.


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