Kashmiris join pan India hit with multiple local versions of Srivalli and memes


Pushpa happening everywhere in India, Kashmiris Join The Fun

Teri Jhalak Asharfi Srivalli, Naina Madak Barfi

Teri Jhalak Asharfi Srivalli , Bathein Kare Do Halfi

Some In Their Cozy Rooms, Some In Snow, Kashmiri Youth Dance On Srivalli

Kashmiris have a passion for dancing, singing, and acting. K-Instagram is the synonym for talent, hashtags, funny videos, dances, and the like. Kashmiris are quick to respond to trending songs, movies, and memes. Whenever there is a new trend, you can find Kashmiris creating local content on it, both fun and troll stuff. This time, with the increasing hype around the Telugu movie Pushpa, Kashmiris are again to the fore with their funny takes. The Kashmiri version of Srivalli’s song is out. Pushpa acting videos are trending over Instagram in Kashmir. Memes and funny videos are rolling. From RJs to kids, footballers to comics – all are participating. Most Kashmiris are filming the hook steps in the song Srivalli. At a picturesque location, Kashmiri youth have filmed themselves – their bikes parked, wearing helmets, and dancing on snow. Pushpa fever has made some Kashmiri motorists dance, and they have totally nailed it. Memes produced locally are equally hilarious. Funny Srivalli memes from Kashmir like Pushpa Zukam ho gaya SalaPushpa Chillai kalan Nikal gaya Sala2 din ki sick leave apply kiya to sick samjhe kya, Kashmir Ghumne aaya hai mein are a huge hit. The youth are showing up their Pushpa talent and totally lovin’ it!

Meet The Singing Group Behind The Kashmiri Version Of Srivalli

A group of five artisans led by Master Tasleem have gone viral with the Kashur version of Srivalli. Master Tasleem uploaded the song on his eight-year-old Youtube channel. The song went viral on social media. Master Tasleem recalls how he got into the making of the Kashmiri version of the big hit. “Lyricist Dardil Shabir came to meet me at my house. He gave me the lyrics and said, I want you to try it with your harmonium. We tried our best to do the justice to this song. Usually we record Bollywood songs in studio, but Srivalli was recorded at home,” he said. The enthusiastic rendition recorded at home has catapulted the group into popularity in the region. Master Tasleem and his group including Adil, Shabir, Sahil and Sameer have performed in various states of the country. He has sung many Bollywood songs and gazals in Kashmiri style. The group said that their Srivalli version has been greatly loved, and they are enjoying the attention. Others too, including RJ Vijdan and tiktoker Musaib Bhat have made videos on Master Tasleem’s version of Srivalli.


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