Zulfikar Majid On KT Editor Anuradha Bhasin


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Tweets on Kashmir Times Executive Editor Anuradha Bhasin

I’ll exposing a big conflict-entrepreneur, who has for generations been milking both parties involved in the dispute for generations first in the name of journalism and now activism. The person claims to be “champion of press freedom”, but ………

Selective amnesia behind Anuradha Bhasin Mam’s ‘press freedom’ tirades Undrtking illegal construction on govt land is no less dan a case of land grab. But when KT did so by coming up wd a Pvt building on govt land, it was 2 be hailed as “press freedom & journalistic ethics”, alike Recently when journos of repute tried to set chaotic KPC into order, she joined bandwagon, to label it a “state-sponsored armed coup.” I face threats, but she is silent as 4 her “press freedom” is selective.

Victim card she plays, incentives she forgets –selective amnesia!

The ‘torch bearers of true journalism’ KT as on Oct 29, 2020, owed Rs 7,65,833 as rent 2 govt vch remained unpaid 4 decades. Mam dare 2 speak on this. Recently they raised hullabaloo on press freedom. Jai ho “press freedom” Selective amnesia behind Anuradha Bhasin Sahiba’s ‘press freedom’ tirades. Undertaking illegal construction on Govt land makes no less than a case of land grab & encroachment. But when Kashmir Times did so at Press Enclave Srinagar by coming up with 3-floor pyt building on Estates Dept land, it was to be hailed as “freedom of press and journalistic ethics”, alike. For decades, worthy Kashmir Times had been enjoying three govt accommodations-1 in Jammu and 2 in Srinagar. Two years ago when, govt decided to revoke one of the accommodations, there was a hue-n-cry 2 confuse Govt land grab with assault on “freedom of press.” And it had its takers.

Anuradha Sahiba’s sister was made VC of cluster university Jammu during PDP-BJP govt & still we must believe that Bhasin family has been victimized “for speaking in favour of Kashmiris.” When govt perks & privileges r lessened, she starts crying loud about “press freedom”

The “victims” at KT still enjoy four govt accommodations? Once a leading daily, if it has now run into rough waters essentially coz journalism had been overtaken by activism under the leadership of Anuradha Madam who forgets the govt incentives only to play the victim card. Till not long ago it was 2nd or 3rd biggest receiver of govt ads despite being at the bottom in circulation (less than 1500 copies per day) & what happened to the eviction/demolition notice which the ‘revolutionary’ Omar Abdullah sent to late Ved Bhasin ji after becoming CM in 2009? Who hushed it up? Idhar bhi loot, udhar bhi loot aur zabaan par tebreek!

Recently when journalists of repute tried to set the chaotic Kashmir Press Club into order, Anuradha Madam joined the bandwagon, who labelled it a “state-sponsored armed coup.” I face threats, but she is not speaking about it as for her “press freedom” is a must for activists only & not journalists.

The victim card she plays, incentives she forgets-selective amnesia!


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