Jamia and Us: Happy Days Are Here Again

Kashmiris Line Up For One of Their Favourite Street Foods, The Masala Lawas or Roti

The Jamia market is the perfect place for some laid-back shopping. From the funkiest of clothes to the traditional street food of Kashmir, one finds everything here. This is the place where we can find the latest, trendiest clothes at dirt cheap prices. The market complex has no less than 2,000 shops and street vendors. One can always see never-ending crowds here. We spotted kids playing around, and some insisting on their parents for toys. The elders were buying new clothes for kids and household stuff. Girls were buying jewelry, makeup, and new Kurtis for Eid. After shopping, Kashmiris usually buy the traditional Maasal Cxot (mashed spicy chanai wrapped in naan). And we absolutely cannot forget our famous spicy Anchar (pickles). We all just drool over them!



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