Living In A Single-Room Tin Shed With Family, Borrowed Books, No Tuition


Gujjar Girl Overcomes Odds, Scores 98% in Class 10

When the mind is set upon the dreams to achieve a better life and help one’s parents in their old age, an individual can accomplish much in life. Parveena Ayoub, a 15-year-old student who lives in a tin shed with her parents and siblings, has passed the crucial Class 10 exam with a sterling score of 98 per cent.

Parveena belongs to a Gujjar and Bakarwal family. She and her family reside at litiwaza village in Ganderbal district. Parveena scored 490 marks out of 500 without any external help or tuition.

Parveena studied for Class 10 with the help of borrowed books. Parveena relied totally on her powerful motivation to secure a better life for herself and her family. She did not take any tuition and also did not have any other resources to aid her in studies.

Parveena is happy with her score in Class X, and says that she has a long way to go to achieve her dreams. “My father is a labourer. I didn’t want him to be under any compulsion to spend a hefty amount on my education,” Parveena said. Her mother Sakeena Bano is a housewife.

Parveena is a student of Government Higher Secondary School, Kurhama, Ganderbal. She did not let the limited means of her family stand in the way of her dreams. She devoted herself to studies and scored high in Class X, impressing her teachers and also her fellow students.

Parveena says that her family, especially her father, have consistently supported her dream to achieve big in life. “My hard work and the support of my parents helped me in securing a high percentage in Class 10. I usually used to study more in the night hours because during the day, I had to do some household chores,” she said.

Parveena says she is highly thankful to her family and her teachers. “My father has supported me by enabling me to study at a school, even though we have very limited means. My teachers have also always encouraged me to excel in studies,” said Parveena.

The 15-year-old says that with hard work, self study and dedication, a student can achieve the target of scoring high. “I don’t have the money to spend on tuition and study material. I set upon accomplishing the best I could with the help of my teachers and my parents. They helped me in every way,” said Parveena gratefully.

The family lives in a single room tin shed. Parveena did not get deterred by her economically weak background. During the day, she continues to help her mother in doing household work and also in taking care of her two younger sisters. At night, she devotes herself to her studies. Parveena wants to take the medical stream to become a good doctor and serve the nation.

Her message to all aspiring youth and children is that they must not lose hope, and they must dream big so that they can give a good life to their parents in their old age. “Never lose hope. If you are willing to work hard with a target in mind, no one can stop you.”

Parveena also has a message for the students who may have failed in any examination.

“Do not get discouraged by failure. There is a good and bad perspective to everything. Failure is not the end point of education. Work hard and you will reach high in life and be a support to your parents in their old age.”


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