Neighbours, get a reality check!

In the face of an economic crisis, the mullahs and some defense representatives in Pakistan have been giving out irresponsible statements. Time to check on some reality!

IN the backdrop of Pakistan facing one of its worst economic crisis, the mullahs of that country are threatening the world of nuclear bombing if any country insisted on payment of debts. Pakistan is dealing with an unprecedented inflation, a depreciating currency and lowest foreign reserves. The country is reeling under darkness owing to the collapsing
of its systems. Factories are shut and vehicles are off the roads owing to the shortage of fuel and energy. Videos of mullahs threatening the world of dire consequences if the country were not bailed out – have  been surfacing quite a lot recently. So much so, some
hawkish so-called defense experts are also making irresponsible statements about the use of nuclear warheads. Such irresponsible and bizarre statements coming from illiterate mullahs and the educated alike, is alarming. A so-called defense expert has gone to the
extent of saying that if the world forces Pakistan to return debts, they will sell nuclear war heads to their Muslim countries. After giving five to the Saudis, five to Iran and five to Turkey, “we will still have 140”, he said. This, he added, would scare the world. But this actually shows how unsafe the nuclear war heads in Pakistan are. It also reflects on the overall mindset in that country. They are, as casual, about proliferation and use of
nuclear weapons as they are about exporting terrorists to their neighbours.
The economic crisis in Pakistan has established one thing beyond doubt that the nuclear war heads are not in safe hands in that country and the outside world should take
a serious note of it.


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