Spring is here, can smiles be far behind?

The Spring is back and we hope the bloom shines on our land and its people.

THE Spring is beginning to breeze in and one can  only hope and pray that the season is blissful, peaceful and gives respite to the people of Kashmir. With all the might of the State and prayers of millions of people of Kashmir, it could be hoped that Spring and the run-up to the Summer is peaceful, incident free with every section of the society feeling safe and secure. That said, we cannot wish away the evil eye of the enemies of peace and humanity. There are credible reports suggesting that adversaries of the State would do everything possible to vitiate the atmosphere and create a scary situation. Though Pakistan is caught deep-neck in an economic crisis and the terrorism that that country promoted
for decades, is biting it back; its long drawn policy has however always been to divert the attention of its people from the disastrous fallout of its economic and diplomatic failures by creating some kind of trouble in this part of the world. As has been rightly said by some of our statesmen, a peaceful and a stable Pakistan is in the interest of our own country. The current situation in Pakistan is a cause for concern. Pakistan is facing an existential threat and we need to be extra vigilant and careful to defeat its ill intentions. Let’s hope
and pray that peace prevails and people progress and prosper with a sense of security and stability across the region.


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