Security Agencies Must Have A More Proactive Approach


Security Agencies Must Have A More Proactive Approach

Around mid-2021, our magazine profiled one Mukhtar Baba, who fled Kashmir in 2020 only to be part of a proactive terror ecosystem among the Kashmiri Diaspora. I remember that we discreetly cautioned the government about the activities of Mukhtar Baba and some other persons of his ilk. Mukhtar was a surrendered militant from Dalgate in Srinagar city. He had earlier been installed in Press Colony, Srinagar, as a mole by a terrorist outfit.

After the events of 2019, Mukhtar gave a slip to the Indian intelligence agencies and fled to Germany. There, he joined a terror syndicate and started issuing threats to soft targets in Kashmir.

Mukhtar has been concentrating on media persons in Kashmir. After having been associated with the media fraternity, he has ample information about who is who. I wonder that if a commoner could profile and write about him, why did the security and intelligence agencies take such a long time to name the guilty. This casual attitude has consequences. Mukhtar intimidated people at will. He created fear psychosis for more than two years, and only then police could formally identify him as the main brain behind threatening media persons.


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