The Get-Rich-Quick Business Of Kashmir


The Get-Rich-Quick Business Of Kashmir

How Conflict Entrepreneurship Built Many of Kashmir’s Malls, Multi-Storied Complexes, Major Hotels, Mansions

How difficult it is to stay clean and away from the controversies in a conflict-ridden region like Kashmir. The latest revelation is that an alleged ISI agent of foreign origin was the guest of a chief minister for eight long years. The woman was introduced to the chief minister by a senior Congress leader. Accounts of such duplicity send shivers down the spine.

I am not sure whether the chief minister in question had a clue about the mysterious character of the woman. But the fact remains that in a region like Kashmir, nothing can be taken at face value. Kashmir is a den of mysteries and mysterious characters.  However careful you are, still the chances of playing into the hands of enemy are always there. The interesting thing is that you don’t know that you are being used by someone from a remote distance.

CM Who Deported Active Militant Via Wagah

There is another dimension to this filthy game. The powerful make errors more often than the commoners. They get blinded by the power and the illusion that they could not be touched upon by the law. This encourages them to make the most dangerous choices.

A chief minister deported an active militant via Wagah border to Pakistan. A former MLA of a rival party escorted the militant up to Wagah border. The chief minister considered himself as the most powerful man, and indeed he enjoyed the support of the then prime minister and the ruling Congress party.

But there is nothing permanent is this world. Nor is power permanent. There is a beautiful verse of the Qura’an. Tilkal ayaamu nudawiluha bainan nas (time keeps changing between the people). Today’s powerful could be absolutely powerless tomorrow, and vice versa.

Had the chief minister who deported the militant to Pakistan been alive today, law enforcing agencies would have certainly taken him to task. Perhaps it is good for him that he is not alive.

Those In The Dirty Game Inspired Many Others

The point is that Kashmir is like a playing field for the intelligence agency of the enemy country. That agency has created hundreds of assets amongst Kashmir’s political class, media persons, businesses, NGOs and even in the administration. The situation is fluid at least in this particular context. The question is – How has the situation reached to this point that we are absolutely clueless about who is who?

We may not like it, but truth it is Kashmir’s vocal class had taken the state for a ride. Playing double and dubious had become a profitable business. You could become a millionaire overnight.

Let us state the truth. The truth is that conflict entrepreneurship was the only flourishing business in Kashmir. Have a look around, and you will find that all those associated with this business have made huge assets in a very limited period of time. They became millionaires and billionaires overnight.

Kashmir’s malls, huge multi-storied complexes, five star hotels, mansions – all these speak volumes about this flourishing business of Kashmir and the businessmen. More and more Kashmiris got inspired by those who got into this business early and made quick riches. Soon enough, many others jumped into it.

I would not be surprised if tomorrow the law-enforcing agencies come out with an exhaustive list of beneficiaries of the conflict. Many former ministers, legislators, media-persons and businessmen shall find their names in the list.

CM Who Asked Terror Accused To Stay Connected With Militants

I learnt of the account of an accused in a terror-funding case. While recording his statement before the police in the concerned police station, the man revealed that the then chief minister told him to stay in touch with his militant friends. This was the level of complacency. This is how the office of the chief minister was helping the militant commanders.

Then there is another category of people who get trapped into this dishonourable space. They get trapped in innocence and unintentionally. The enemy has devised multiple ways to lure or trap people into this net of deceit and duplicity. This is the petty business of bucks.

The fact is that the enemy has intruded deep into Kashmir society. It will take years for the cleansing of the system alone – leave aside the society. Even today, people of dubious character are seen roaming in the power corridors. Purportedly, they are helping the system in identifying the agents of the enemy.

Mehbooba’s Friendly Call To Militants At Public Rally In 2002


When Mufti Muhammad Sayed became chief minister for the first time in 2002, Mehbooba Mufti addressed a mammoth gathering in Ganderbal to celebrate the win. On this occasion, a confident Mehbooba asked her cadre to convey to the militants that their representatives have assumed power and that they will not be disappointed. This was the state of affairs, where the power centre of the PDP announced this at a public rally in Kashmir.

In such a scenario, how can we expect that the enemy would not intrude into the system? How can we trust that those running the affairs of the state would not get into this lucrative business?


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